FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Best Formation

One of the best formation to use in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team is 4–2–2–2. The reason i play this formation is because it offers me flexibility and i always have 5 in defence and 5 in attack in a stressful situation. Here’s how:

1)I make sure i have asleast one fast fullback who can cross so he can attack while the other always stays back and helps the centre backs.

2)The 2 in midfield play the CDM positions to make defending easier but i make sure one of them is a strong orthodox CDM like Matic or Fernandinho while the other is more creative minded to join the attack. Someone like Kroos or Pjanic. I always make sure that the strong CDM plays on the side of the attacking fullback to make it easier to cover for the fullback when he is out of position. So if I attack with a LB then i put my strong CDM on the left side.

3) The 2 attacking midfielders play as wingers but one stays wide while the other cuts inside/free roams but they both get in behind. The one who cuts inside is there to support the build up play and be with the striker. The winger who stays wide plays on the opposite side of the attacking fullback to allow for there to always be a man on each wing if the cross is botched. If i attack with a LB then the wide winger would be the right winger.

4) One of the strikers plays as a false 9(Dybala or Messi) while the other gets in behind or is a target man(Ronaldo or Suarez). The false 9 assists in build up play and helps control the midfield while starting as an attacking player in a defensive scenario to allow for a fast counter attack. The target man is the focus for crosses ,bullying the defence and can be the difference between a fast counter and losing the ball.

Example:(Juventus). I attack with Alex Sandro while Cancelo stays back. Khedira plays with Pjanic in midfield. Khedira stays back while Pjanic acts as the link between defense and attack. Costa cuts inside from the left and Cuadrado stays wide. Ronaldo is target man and Dybala is false 9 to support the midfield. When i’m defending, it looks like a 4–2–2–2, but when i attack, its a lot more like a 3–4–2–1 which is great to defend against counters and is plenty powerful in attack. It’s versatile, if i can’t build up patiently through the middle, I’ll cross it. If not that, i will shoot from distance. If not that, I’ll play long ball with all my fast players.

I would atleast suggest you try it out. Maybe it would work out for you like it does for me.

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