FIFA 20 Tutorials: What is the Quickest Way to Make FIFA 20 Coins?

Here are some ways for you to make FIFA Coins quickly in FIFA 20:

1. Get better in your game and start playing Squad Battles with World-class or above difficulty.

- EA Rewards you every week with 20,000 coins and some good packs. Legendary and Ultimate level rewards you more obviously.

- I used to play Professional level and got 12000 coins weekly along with packs, still not bad.

2. Play seasons too. Easier than Squad battles and rewards you coins after every season along with some packs again.

3. Transfer Market. If you have time, buy good players(85+) in auctions for lower prices and put them in transfer list slightly above their market price. Trust me, this is so rewarding.

- I bought Bernardo Silva for under 3K and sold him for 11K

- I bought Rudiger with 99 contracts for under 1000 in the auction and sold him for over 5K just because he has contracts. A lot of players are suckers for big contracts.

4. Buy coin multipliers from the catalog: For a Squad battle game I usually get 800–1200 coins depending on the difficulty and with the multiplier, I make close to 2000 per game. Fast money.

5. Play Division Rivals. More coins.

6. Squad building challenges: Time taking but it’s the best way to get rid of unused players and get coins and packs.

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