FIFA 20 Tutorial: How to Set up the Black Card Lineup for Free?

Here is the guide no need to spend money to form a black card lineup in FIFA 20. The black card will go up and down, but the gold card will only fall. I am not willing to sell players, because in essence, I think comfort is the most important thing.
With regard to the selection of players, the star players in the first hot league are naturally expensive, but the initial suggestion is that the price of a gold card player other than black card should be controlled below 6000, because the gold card will depreciate in the process of the game, and the upfront investment will eventually become worthless, so the gold card is only a transition.
The following is a reference to my lineup
First of all, you need to determine who is the core of the team, I find this major league Javi Martinez through FUTHEAD. 2 speed: agility, ball control, and dribbling. His pursuit of the skill of movement, the ability of finality, offensive walking, strength, bounce, and header precision are all things that SM players are concerned about.
Therefore, this card is indeed a very good value card, although his height is only 170+, 99′s bounce, 92 header precision, offensive walking position, and single-blade ability are very strong.
According to the above data to judge the players in each position, whether the attribute distribution is reasonable is the core idea of the formation of the practical matrix instead of just looking at the six values on the card and the comprehensive evaluation.

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