FIFA 20: Summer Heat COUNTDOWN – Release date, Voting, Card expectations, Loading screen, spills, FUTTIES and more

With the Premier League returning, EA is getting in on the activity with a fresh out of the plastic new promotion! EA appears to check the arrival of the Premier League with a fresh out of the box new promotion! Summer Heat has been prodded over various illustrations, so continue perusing as we unravel the intimations and spread all that we think about the new promotion.

Summer Heat Release Date

This fresh out of the plastic new Ultimate Team promotion will show up on Wednesday seventeenth June.

We’ll refresh this page with the new cards when they drop.

What Is Summer Heat?

Summer Heat is probably going to be identified with the arrival of football after the COVID-19 pandemic. Wednesday denotes the arrival of the Premier League, which means an opportunity for new live cards (identifying with genuine exhibitions) can begin to show up. Many expected the arrival of Team of the Week with football at long last returning, yet maybe EA has different thoughts.

Stacking Screen Clues

In view of the latest stacking screen, apparently the new promotion WILL include re-arrivals of cards from FUTMAS and extreme Scream, just as Flashback and Moments cards. Another stacking screen affirmed that it’s certainly another limited-time occasion with two card plans. Possibly with a highlighted group and extraordinary “minutes” cards to celebrate defining moments from past seasons – earnable by means of destinations and SBCs.

Casting a ballot Element

Another realistic has been tweeted by @EASportsFIFA on Twitter possibly alluding to what’s to come.

The little image on the base right looks, particularly like a democratic polling firm. It seems a democratic component will become possibly the most important factor, much like the FUTTIES promotion – does this affirm the FUTTIES will include in Summer Heat?

Card Predictions

Underneath we’ve laid out certain cards we think may show up as a feature of the new promotion.

Flashback Dmitri Payet (OVR 91)

For clear reasons, this present summer’s significant global competitions have been dropped. Notwithstanding, could FUT’s Summer Heat promotion celebrate past versions of the rivalries? In any case, could FUT’s Summer Heat promotion celebrate past versions of the rivalries?

FUTMAS Marcus Rashford (OVR 85)

As we’ve referenced, the new promotion is probably going to include re-arrivals of FUTMAS cards. That implies we could see the arrival of Marcus Rahsford’s 85-appraised FUTMAS card, repackaged as a Summer Heat discharge.

Summer Heat Leak

FIFAUTITA, a solid hotspot for spills, has affirmed how Summer Heat will function and affirmed that Ferland Mendy will be included. They have uncovered that 93 evaluated Summer Heat Ferland Mendy will be included for nothing by means of in-game targets. To get him you should open his 85 FUTMAS card by means of an extremely simple in-game target. You will at that point utilize this card to open his 93 appraised card by finishing difficulties.

In any case, this data isn’t affirmed so it could be off base.

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