FIFA 20 Best 300K Hybrid Squad Builder & Best Team To Play In FUT 20

If you want to build yourself the best possible Fut team that will get you a lot and sweaty victories, we built this overpowered FIFA 20 Hybrid squad 300K for you. Not only you will have a solid defence and goalkeeper but also have a flair in your winger positions and a striker that will cause damage to your opponents. We used the 4-1-2-1-2(2) Fut formation as it truly offers a great balance between attacking options and ensuring a solid defensive base. Here biggest coin seller fut will show you all the overpowered players you can buy for 300K in the Hybrid team FIFA 20.

FIFA 20 Best 300K Hybrid Squad Builder

Here is the best cheap FIFA 20 Hybrid team 300K with top players in Ultimate Team.

Formation: 4-1-2-1-2(2)

Team Chemistry: 71

Team Rating: 84

Players List:

Ruffier – GK – AS Saint-Étienne – 84

Kimpembe – CB – Paris Saint-Germain – 82

Roussillon – LB – VfL Wolfsburg – 82

Goretzka – CM – FC Bayern München – 84

Akanji – CB – Borussia Dortmund – 83

Mbabu – RB – VfL Wolfsburg – 77

Witsel – CM – Borussia Dortmund. – 85

Ben Yedder – CM – AS Monaco – 83

Martial – LW – Manchester United – 83

Gnabry – RF – FC Bayern München – 84

Rashford – ST – Manchester United – 83

Players Review

- Ruffier: This goalkeeper is from Ligue 1 with decent 82 diving and 82 reflexes, really cheap one.

- Kimpembe: One of the most opie center-backs on FIFA this year, he did drop in price to really cheap. 75 pace, 81 defending, 6 foot 2, and incredibly sweaty really agile. He turns really quickly, not too bad on the boy wall for a center-back, 78 ball control, the best center back you can buy under 10K.

- Roussillon: Another really sweaty player about 14K, so kind of expensive for a 82. But this player is probably the best French left back on the game up behind Mandi, he does have really good pace, great defensive, really well-rounded, quite good on the attack.

- Akanki: He’s the second best center back in the Bundesliga. 78 pace, 80 physicality, 6 foot 2 and incredible sprint speed, really agile, 85 stand tackle, he’s quite good on the ball as well. For a centre back isn’t gonna give away the ball too make mistakes.

- Mbabu: This player is the best right back in the squad. He has an incredible pace of 91, 82 physicality, 6 foot is really strong and has really high stamina and awesome right back about 6K.

- Witsel: He has a great card this year, 85 rated, every step of 76, 4-star weak foot, medium/high work rates which are perfect, will cost you about 45K, definitely worth the price. This player is incredible, defensively not too bad, on the attack really good on the ball although he does feel kind of clunky. He’s a complete monster.

- Goretzka: You will enjoy his ability to beat men by his dribbling 81 finding killer passes (84 short passing) to your attackers. He will also score you quite a few goals, as he has 76 finishing and 83 long shots. With almost perfect stamina, very good passing and 80 composure. He’s very decent on the ball and not too bad defensively.

- Ben Yedder: He has a broken card last year, he was great and this he’s even better. He dropped him price. A couple of days ago he was over 50K which is kind of a bit expensive, but bow he’s a reasonable price about 27K. 84 pace, 82 shooting, 5 weak foot really effective on FIFA this year. One of the key reasons why he’s so good is that 90 agility and 89 balance.

- Martial: He does have 89 on pace, 81 shooting, 85 dribbling, 4-star skills, awesome finishing and he’s quite strong for a winger, and he does feel pretty agile with 84 agility. 44K is kind of expensive, but he does play for Man United and those players are always kind of overpriced, still worth it. He’s one of the best wingers on the game.

- Gnabry: He has been incredible in real life, and on FIFA’s card is quite good. He has 90 pace. 82 shooting, 4-star weak foot, just rapid. Really good finishing for a winger and he actually does feel pretty strong. 25K is not a bad price at all.

- Rashford: The most expensive player, about 60K. He’s still one of the top strikers on the game, definitely one of the best strikers in the Premier League. 92 pace, 82 shooting, 5-star skills, decent finishing and he does feel quite strong as well.

Overall, the best 300K FIFA 20 team Hybrid has a great mix of attacking and defensive talents. You get the benefits of having a solid, rigid and strong defence while also having quite a lot of creativity and pace in attack.

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