FIFA 20 All New Features: Dribbling, Passing, Skill Moves, Volta, Ultimate Team, Pro Clubs, Career Mode and More

Since the FIFA 20 beta becomes available to some selected players, there are more things and findings of the new game leaked through the Reddit, Youtube and other channels. Before everyone has the access to FIFA 20 gameplay, here fifa 20 cheapest coins seller bring you the FIFA 20 all new features collection so far.

FIFA 20 All New Features, Changes, Improvements, Systems & Mechanics

Until now, EA has released four FIFA 20 Pitch Notes covering Ultimate Team, Career Mode, Pro Clubs and Volta Football. In addition, players who play the FIFA 20 test version in advance find some other changes. Check out the complete list of FIFA 20 all changes as below, over 40 updates you should know like new FIFA 20 skill moves and dribbling technique. Have you discovered new difference in the game?

FIFA 20 Gameplay Technique – Passing, Dribbling, Skill Moves, and More

- No touching dribbling removed.

- Early lock to pass receiver, locks the past direction before the pass.

- New dinked pass to avoid the defenders tackle.

- New skill moves, such as Setup Touch.

- New strafe dribbling allows you to not get tackled and moving extremely quickly whilst completing the strafe dribble.

- New stand tackle to perform harder tackle and literally stop your opening in the incoming attack.

FIFA 20 New Mechanic & System

- New free kicks system allows you to take free kicks in a more accurate way.

- New kick off emotions, you can show your anger to your opponents and happy to your teammates.

- New penalties are similar to the free-kick system, for more precise and easy to get the score.

- New jockey system Agile Jockey, which is more agile, encourage more manual defending.

FIFA 20 Volta Football

- Simplified rules, no substitutes, no offsides, injuries, yellow or red cards, fatigue or stamina.

- Three main Match types Rush Keepers, Street with Keepers and Futsal.

- Multiple pitch sizes option.

- Next goal wins if you play without goalkeepers.

- Accumulated Foul, where the sixth foul results in a Penalty Kick from the secondary penalty spot to the opposition.

- Last second goal. If the ball goes into the net after the time expires and the shot was taken before the timer ran out it will count as a goal.

- Wall types. Players can play matches with hard walls or soft walls.

- Self pass and go. You can pass to yourself and break free of your marker.

- New shooting system. The ball will generally stay lower to the ground and shots won’t require as much power to reach the goal. Shooting can be done from anywhere on the pitch, including your own half.

- Kneeling Header. A unique finishing move in the game and allows you to score in style.

- New camera angles. New cameras with new replay styles help you create unique moments, which shows in a phone like an Instagram post or something new.

- Volta customization. It allows you to customize your pro, personalize your experience from clothing to hairstyles and even in-game celebratory emails.

- Volta shop. This is a gateway to all customizations that you can get with Volta coins different from FIFA 20 Coins.

- Volta story. You can create your avatar, learn about recruiting players and squad building, travel to the unique playable environment, match up against legends and more.

- Volta league. An online mode like online seasons where you build a team and play against others, and recruit a player from the opposing team if you got the victory.

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team

- Season objectives. Season Objectives, which including Daily, Weekly, Season and Dynamic Objectives, is approachable to everyone with a varied mix of rewards like players and packs and you can earn XP in the progress.

- FUT club customization. You can earn items like badges, stadium themes and celebrations feature custom elements for your team, which allows creative for personalizing your club in Ultimate Team.

- FUT friendlies. This does not consume any contracts, fitness and doesn’t count to your club record as well. You can experiment more freely when competing against your friends. Whether against your offline or online friends or online random opponents, House Rules feature introduced in FIFA 19’s Kick-Off mode will be included in FUT 20 as well.

- New management screen. It has a new style and layout, while players will also benefit from tabs, radials and drop-down bars for quicker menu navigation.

- Squad Battles screen. A new interface displayed more clearly with a better emphasis on the squad you’re about to face, like top three players from each squad, some details on the current tactical setup and formation, the kits and stadium, as well as the ratings for the squad and their chemistry.

FIFA 20 Pro Clubs

- Customization. You can select from hundreds of different styles for the smallest details on the face, height, and weight of your pro.

- Broadcast Pack. Some broadcast features are available like replay transition wipes, an on-screen watermark, club banners, and a new Pro Clubs logo.

- New House Rules. House Rules Cups in FIFA 20 Pro Clubs will rotate a match type every day of the week, with a different cup playable each weekend and the visible schedule.

- Kit selection screen. You can select Pre-Match Kit for all Pro Club matches.

FIFA 20 Career Mode

- Storylines. Each match will be treated differently by the journalist depending on the goal scored, opponent, time of the season, stage of competition and more.

- Pre and Post match conference. They will take place in the main menu of the upcoming fixture, both pre and post match cutscenes will have a new animation.

- New conversations menu. It serves as the 1-on-1 interaction for manager to deal with the variety of requests from players and keep the club going.

- Player morale system. You players’ morale can be affected by match playtime, wage, expectations, performances and also the replies you give in the press conference.

- Manager customization. You can literally create any types of looking for your managers and there is also a range of floating options to choose from casual to smart.

- Dynamic player potential. If your young talent gets great performance, he’ll have a higher potential in the next season, if he is not playing up to the mark, the potential will be lower.

- 4th substitute. This will help you make a change if you need it in a really long game

FIFA 20 Rules, Controls and Others

- Goalkeeper cross intercept.

- The ball goes straight to the referees won’t affect any gameplay.

- Ball related and player related can be switched.

- Piemonte Calcio will be a new team in FIFA 20 to replace Juventus and including Ronaldo and same players and stats as Juventus because of the end of the relationship between EA and Juventus.

- New negotiation environments lounge and restaurant added, which will be displayed behind the cutscene.

- Bulk consumable options, you can handle multiple contracts or fitness cards, you can quickly sell them all to send them to a transfer market in bulk.

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