FIFA 20 92 Carlos Tevez Libertadores Player Review – Stats, Analysis, Positioning, Squad Links and more

As a piece of the new Copa Libertadores updates in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, there is a heap of new top-level South American cards into FUT.


Since a couple of days have passed, and we’ve utilized huge amounts of the new players, it’s an ideal opportunity to get some player audit pieces out, giving you our decision on them!


Tevez In-Game Stats and Analysis


The bulldog Carlos Tevez is well and genuinely back with this great new Copa Libertadores Kick-Off card! With 4 card details 90 or over, how about we investigate what makes Tevez so exceptional.


Most importantly, how about we take a gander at his rawness, which is 94 on card. Being just 5’7″ with 67 Jumping, don’t expect Tevez to win such a large number of headers, however with 99 Strength and 99 Aggression, anticipate that him should be a bunch for most protectors.


Secondly, there’s his pace in-game. With 93 Acceleration, 89 Agility and 93 Balance, expect Tevez to feel brisk and sharp ready, particularly when combined with his incredible spilling details.


With 4* Skills and 4* Weak Foot, just as 92 Ball Control and 92 Dribbling, Tevez will be a precarious player to contain, and being 5’7″, anticipate that his turns should be much more keen gratitude to his lower focus of gravity.


A gigantic in addition to this card must be his shooting. Upheld up with 97 Composure, his 91 Positioning, 91 Finishing and 95 Shot Power truly make him a clinical finisher once inside the container, and with the Finesse Shot Trait, he once in a while botched opportunities for me.


At last, there’s his passing, which is unquestionably usable, with CAM being his default position. 89 Short Passing and 85 Vision end up being all that could possibly be needed.


Tevez’s Best Position and Role


Tevez is a serious flexible card in the assault, with his best jobs being either a focal CAM in a 4-2-3-1/4-1-2-1-2, or a striker in a 2 striker development.


His passing details do positively permit you to play him behind the strikers, be that as it may, with his dexterity and completing capacity, I found that he’d be all around served jumping on the finish of assaults. I’d make certain to accomplice him with another striker, to exploit his going with speedy 1-2 moves.


Tevez Squad Links


With the entirety of the new CONMEBOL content that has been discharged in the course of recent days, it’s positively exceptionally simple to interface Tevez into a crew with some of the new meta Argentinians.


Going ahead, 91 Lopez gives a strong strike accomplice, with 91 Salvio giving a more than able wide alternative as a solid connection. Moving further back, 88 Perez, 88 Lopez and 88 Bustos are for the most part incredible players to connect Tevez to the safeguard and are generally accessible in the recently discharged Copa Libertadores and Sudamericana League SBCs.


Tevez’s Price


Esteemed at present around 950,000 Coins on PS4, and 875,000 Coins on Xbox, this Tevez card unquestionably isn’t modest, in any case, for a Team of the Season quality Carlos Tevez, I’m certain individuals would follow through on the cost.


Over the coming days and weeks, anticipate that this card should drop in an incentive as we draw nearer to Team of the Season, so in case you’re edgy to get him, however are low on coins, never dread, he should start to get less expensive.


Worth Rating out of 10


Shockingly, being another card, Tevez right now is excessively costly, despite being a splendid card in-game.


In case you’re taking a gander at meta players, when you consider that 92 Neymar is just 580,000 coins, almost 400k not exactly Tevez, it’s an easy decision truly to go for the Brazilian.



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