FIFA 19: Why Everyone Hopes Bolt To Participate In FIFA 19

Usain Bolt did what many considered a simple dream. He scored not one, but two goals for the Australian professional soccer team Central Coast Mariners. This, of course, has led many people to meditate if Usain Bolt can be placed on Fifa 19. Let’s try to hypothesize what his ratings might be if he were on Fifa 19. Bolt is not officially a paid member of the team at the moment. He is training with the team and is playing in friendly matches and pre-season games. The leaders of the CCM are undecided in offering the fastest man on the planet a professional football contract. EA could add it via a patch from when a professional contract is offered to him. You may have seen several leaks and rumors about the classifications and statistics of Usain Bolt in Fifa 19. Regardless of what you thought of his ratings, he, as we said, is not yet in the game. Nevertheless, if Central Coast Mariners take it as a professional footballer, it will be added to Fifa 19. What could be the ratings of the Usain Bolt player in FIFA 19? Below you will find its potential statistics that you could see on an Ultimate Team card soon. These data are based on what we have seen so far of the fastest man in the world.

Speed: 99 Shot: 52 Step: 33 Dribbling: 66 Defense: 10 Physicality: 75. With statistics like these, Bolt would be a decent choice as a titular or reserve. Obviously, its speed should be the best of the game. One would think that the total score of the player would be between 60 and 65.

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