FIFA 19 Tutorials: FIFA 19 UCL Moments Manolas SBC

A brand new UEFA Champions League Moments Squad Building Challenge come down on FIFA 19 Ultimate Team, featuring 88 rated center back Kostas Manolas to celebrate his 2017/2018 moment in the UCL Quarter-Finals. In that match, Manolas scored a memorable goals to help Roma achieve the historic comeback. Next, we will provide the cheapest solution to complete FIFA 19 UCL Moments Manolas SBC and player review.

FIFA 19 UEFA Champions League Moments Premium Manolas SBC

Group Rewards

88 UCL Moments SBC Manolas Card & 3 FUT Packs (worth over 85K FIFA 19 coins)

Group Requirements

The following 3 challenges

Expire Date

6 PM UK, February 24, 2019

FIFA 19 UCL Moments Manolas SBC – Path of Greatness


Champions League Common + Champions League Rare Players: Min 11

Team Rating: Min. 80

Team Chemistry: Min. 85

Number of Players in the Squad: 11



FIFA 19 UCL Moments Manolas SBC – Roma


Roma Players: Min. 2

Team Rating: Min. 84

Team Chemistry: Min. 80

Number of Players in the Squad: 11



FIFA 19 UCL Moments Manolas SBC – Serie A TIM


Italy Serie A Players: Min. 2

Players from the same Nation: Max 5

Team Rating: Min. 85

Team Chemistry: Min. 80

Number of Players in the Squad: 11



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FIFA 19 Player Review: 88 UCL Moments Manolas Review

From the above FIFA 19 Manolas UCL Moments SBC solutions, we can figure out that the cheapest method to earn an 88 rated UCL Moments Manolas need about 200K – 210K FUT coins on PS4 and Xbox One, it’s not cheap, does the card is worth to get? How to review the UCL Manolas?

Attribute details and in-game performance of FIFA 19 UCL Moments SBC Manolas. Looking at the stats, this is really a decent card compared to his 85 standard cards, if you’re more advanced with defending, you may enjoy this card. 86 pace, 89 defending and 86 physical, make him as one of the best defenders. He has lots of great stats and abilities, like 88 sprint speed, 82 heading accuracy, 89 interceptions, 90 stand tackle, 92 slide tackle, 91 reactions, 86 strength and 90 aggression. The main shortcomings are first touch, clumsy and the passing.

He’s got really decent pace you can actually carry, most attackers on the game such as Ronaldo has a good pace. He is a one-on-one defender, with the interceptions if you make a mistake he’s always running back. He’s also got the height as well to get the stretches. 25 shooting and 47 passing are much poor, but considering he’s a defender and 82 heading, it’s alright. If you are going to pick him, you can put a chemistry style on the card to boost the stats.

Overall, this is a decent card for defending and difficult to play against in the matches, in addition, he’s from ideal league to link with other players, the total cost to complete the SBC increased compared to the beginning, it’s basically value for 200K coins, if the price continue dropping, you can consider finish it later.

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