FIFA 19 Tutorial: How to Stop CR7 in FIFA 19?

During his professional career, Cristiano Ronaldo has faced some of the best world football champions in both the Premier League and the Liga and in the Champions League.

CR7 has played very important games against fearsome opponents and in any case managed to express his game, with sometimes minor and sometimes greater difficulties. But to us spectators it has never crossed the head that Ronaldo may have had serious difficulties to face a defender. In a recent interview, however, Ronaldo, five-time winner of the Golden Ball, revealed that left-back Ashley Cole was for him a very difficult opponent to beat, even the most difficult opponent to face in his entire career. This is not the first time that Ronaldo has expressed his admiration for Ashley Cole’s defensive ability. Speaking specifically, he said: “Over the years I have had great battles with Ashley Cole, not giving you a second to breathe: he was such a tenacious player when he was at his peak, fast, hard in the contrast.” Certainly there could not be better praise for a defender.

Cole will be remembered as the player who managed to give headaches to the magnificent Ronaldo. In any case, the lesson we can learn from this interview and to oppose fast and tough players against Cristiano Ronaldo. CR7, in fact, makes speed its best strength and its physique allows it to play fast and unpredictable. When we build our FUT then in anticipation of finding ourselves in front of Cristiano we try to buy a full-back to the Cole. It could be the best investment made.

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