FIFA 19 Tutorial: How to Defend Crosses in FIFA 19?

Crosses can be deadly in FIFA 19 if it is not properly defended. Knowing how to stop an attacking game in its tracks is extremely important, and there is no one-stop solution for every type of cross you encounter. We have given a number of all-round good tips to keep in mind when defending crosses in FIFA 19.

Bringing a punch ball to an outside player – When an opponent is on his way to a goal, a classic move is the turn of his wingers to hit both wings to accept a throughball pass. Press and hold R1 / RB to move a second defender in the direction of the receiver and then switch it with the right stick. You want to start by moving towards the corner flag and filling the space where the attacker is looking for to run. This will give the player a chance to try a pass that you can easily close.

Winning headers – When an opponent is about to cross the ball from the wing into the area, make sure the player is closest to the selected crosser until the ball is hit. Hold R1 / RB and let a defender in the box start on the way to the receiver. Switch to this defender and do not press anything until the ball starts to dip towards the two players near where the cross will land. At this point, move the left stick in the direction that the ball is moving and press the Shoot button. Your defender will leave the ball or completely remove it.

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