FIFA 19 TOTY Market Crash Guide and Investment Tips

FIFA 19 Team of the Year (TOTY) event is coming soon in Ultimate Team. So why and when you have to sell your players for the FIFA 19 TOTY Market Crash, we explain you in this guide to help you make big profit with FIFA 19 coins.

FIFA 19 TOTY Market Crash

Why does a team of the year come on the market?

A market crash in FIFA Ultimate Team roughly means that most player cards are less valuable in a short time. Therefore, it is logical to have as few assets as possible in cards and as many FIFA coins as possible.

The market in FUT traditionally fluctuates strongly and is extremely affected by events. Special teams, especially like the Team of the Year, have a big impact. Like other events in FIFA 19, such as Halloween, Christmas or Black Friday, the Team of the Year will also influence prices on the market for transfer transactions in the Ultimate Team. Because the TOTY offers the strongest cards of the entire FUT season, these highly regarded blue TOTY cards are of course the best, the most sought-after, but the most expensive on the FUT transfer market. That’s why many players purchase promo packages with FIFA coins / points or save their packs to the TOTY. Countless packs will be opened during the Team of The Year event time, the market will be flooded and the biggest market crash of the year will occur.

TOTY comes, just check the best site to buy fifa coins to prepare more cheap fifa coins now.

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