FIFA 19 TOTS Market Crash Guide & Investing Tips: How to Make FIFA 19 Coins with FUT 19 Team of the Season

Even though the FIFA 19 Team of the Season official information has not been released, but it should be coming soon, there will be a big market crash with it and it’s a great opportunity to earn FIFA 19 coins. How to prepare for the event? When to buy? Here best coin sellers fifa 19 offers the FIFA 19 TOTS market crash guide and investing tips to earn FIFA 19 coins easily and fast.

FIFA 19 TOTS Market Crash Guide & Investing Tips

How will FIFA 19 TOTS impact the market?

In order to prepare for the FIFA 19 Team of the Season, lots of people have sold their teams for keeping more coins, a market crash roughly means that the majority of player cards lose value over a short period of time.

- The market is very low in the recent days, lots of players maybe wait to buy the FUT cards or team when the market in the lowest state, the FIFA 19 TOTS loading screen has been on its way, Team of the Season event is expected to arrive in the next week, when the FUT 19 TOTS announcement actually comes, the market could possibly rebound as everyone is going to be buying their team, it’s a very important date when the majority of the FIFA community is going to be buying because that is when the market is going to recover.

- Some popular players who are possible to get a expensive FIFA 19 Team of the Season card, are going to rebound really quickly, like Eden Hazard, his informs will probably continue to go down a lot and rebound.

- Ones of Watch, Headliners and more live items towards the end of the year tend to die because they’re inflated all year at a almost a untrue value and they have potential to always get special cards so just be careful with those cards.

When to buy and what to do for FUT 19 Team of the Season investment?

- The key things that you should know is that there is not an exactly perfect time when is the lowest point is going to be, it would related to when the loading screen is going to come out, so you’d better actually buy your team’s within the next few days, the safer thing to do is to buy on Wednesday, May 1, if you wait a week or maybe even longer and Team of the Season still hasn’t been announced, the market is slowly going to start recovering, this can happen very quickly especially if Weekend League is coming up.

- This is a really low risk thing to do right now, just putting these card in your club, you really don’t have much risk, if you there’s other thing like if you want to sit here and snipe these cards for the cheapest, you can also do that that’s another option.

- SBC investing this year is hard to make coins, if you’re doing the league SBCs, it is recommended to save those packs for Team of the season, if you want to like as an outside shot, you could go through look at the higher rated informs and maybe stock one of each, while the higher rate inform cards usually go up less than the lower rated ones, so if you want to stock in forms in your club, maybe choose 81 to 84 rated instead of really high rated is better.

- The last thing recommend is to always look at the calendar and market, more FIFA 19 TOTS investing tips will be updated according to the market trends, you might not get completely the lowest point but that’s still definitely going to be better than it rising on Thursday or Friday if there’s still not a TOTS announcement, at least you have your team.

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