FIFA 19: Tips on Building the League Squad

The La Liga is 4-3-3, since the core of my team is Cross, I built a lineup right around Cross. The lineup uses Cross as the engine and the main pivot point to pass the ball, so this lineup is more suited for a strong midfielder card.

(1) front line

1. Center ST: The Center I just blow Ben Yedell alone. Now the price is very cheap. It should be very cheap after opening the service. It can be won by a few thousand. The foot with five reversals is four-flowered. The model is flexible and the foot is fast. The player who scored the most goals in the league can also shoot the fairy ball in the event of an occasional delay in the weekly game (which may be more akin to the five reverse relationships), and the prize is cheap and suitable for land reclamation , The medium term ultimate development goal: Suarez.

2. Winger LW: I have tried several left wings, and finally I think Vinicius is the best, four inverse five flowers, speed 90+, good model, qualified shooting target, in short, can replace the bird barren price is cheap, Thousands take it down. Dembele, right winger, five flowers and four reverses, speed 89, model is good, the current price of 10,000-20000, can be bought early after the opening service, La Liga has no particularly easy-to-use and cheap winger. Mid-term final development goals: Bell, Messi, etc.

(2) midfield

Cross: Actually, Cross wants to blow, the speed of this generation will be 67, if not fast, but enough, Cross’s Pass is too good, and the country is sold cheaply, 50,000 Next, the opening service is estimated at 50,000. 60,000, which is much cheaper than the price of De Braun’s 30-400,000. It is really enough. When I was a week, I saw “wow, kroos”. In fact, La Liga midfielder is very expensive with 50,000, the price is really high.

2.other midfielder: I use Rafinha and Arthur. I think Rafinha is very useful, the data is very balanced and very cheap. Arthur’s words are not the best in my opinion. You can have many alternatives. In this position, I recommend a Rafinia, a low-cost midfielder.

Medium term development goals: Rakitic, Library Bird, Modric, etc.

(3) defender

The oil of the side guards of La Liga, the center-back of La Liga, is terrible.

The left winger used it because I went to Alba, so I used it directly. The market price of Alba is 70-90 million, which is still a bit expensive. If you do not have this condition, you can choose Hernandez instead, and it’s still a very powerful demon.

The right guard recommended Nelson Semedo, in short, it is easy to use, the price is around 10,000, the speed is 92, the model is good, the confrontation is almost the same, but the speed of the winger is sufficient.

(4) goalkeeper

The goalkeeper chooses the height, not so much attention, I opened for Nayong, I used it directly, if there is no Nayong, I will buy a Begovic. More than 90 chemicals are not enough to reach 100.

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