FIFA 19 The Journey Choices – Chapter 2 Key Decisions

Chapter 2 of FIFA 19 The journey begins to make things interesting. Alex signs for Real Madrid, Danny struggles to live up to his brother’s successes, and Kim treats the pressure to be called up for the US Women’s National Team. Here are all important choices for FIFA 19 The Journey Chapter 2.

Alex Hunter – Choose a mentor group

The first big choice for FIFA 19 The Journey Chapter 2 is that Mentor Group chooses Alex. there are two to choose from, where Anton’s Group offers cross-breeding, ball control, long shots, marking and finishing as extras, and then Jo’s Group excels in sliding Tackles, Vision. Shot power, power, sprint speed. Choose the group with the skills that suit your playing style.

Alex Hunter – The brand choice

The next important decision of FIFA 19 The Journey Chapter 2 is that of the brand logo. You have to choose between the design of Alex’s Mum or Beatriz’s. We recommend choosing Alex’s Mum’s because Beatriz is a business stanard. You will receive your choice as a customized item, so if you prefer one design than the other, then go for it.

FIFA 19 The Journey Champions Chapter 2 Rewards

You will unlock the chapter 2 rewards for FIFA 19 The Journey Champions after clearing chapter 2 for the stories of Kim, Alex and Danny. To do this, unlock the following:

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