FIFA 19 ST. Patrick’s Day Predictions: Release Date, Offers, Investing Guide In Ultimate Team

Lately, we enjoyed a variety of promotions on FIFA 19 that we just finished the new Prime Icon Moments, we did have the headliners, we did have future stars. Now all eyes are starting to go on to the next promotion the Annual ST. Patrick’s Day for March in 2019. This promo happened every single year in FUT (which comes with the FIFA 19 FUT Birthday) for celebrating the Irish Saint Patrick’s Day. During the event, you can enjoy special Irish themed FUT packs, kits, green cards, SBCs and a new tournament with great win rewards. Below FIFA 19 ST. Patrick’s Day predictions guide will share the 2019 ST. Patrick’s Day release date, investing tips and all offers!

Here are the predictions for the FIFA 19 ST. Patrick’s Day 2019.
FIFA 19 ST. Patrick’s Day Release Date – When Will The FUT ST. Patrick’s Day Promotion 2019 Start

According to the previous FUT ST. Patrick’s Day event date, we can predict that 2019 ST. Patrick’s Day will start on Friday, 15 March and will last until 22 March 2019. We estimate that it will come with the FIFA 19 FUT Birthday.

FIFA 13ST. Patrick’s Day Duration: 15 March – 17 March 2013

FIFA 14ST. Patrick’s Day Duration: 13 March – 18 March 2014

FIFA 15ST. Patrick’s Day Duration:13 March – 18 March 2015

FIFA 16ST. Patrick’s Day Duration: 16 March – 21 March 2016

FIFA 17 ST. Patrick’s Day Duration: 16 March – 20 March 2017

FIFA 18 ST. Patrick’s Day Duration: 16 March – 23 March 2018

What Can We Expect For The 2019 ST. Patrick’s Day Event

The ST. Patrick’s Day is a religious day in Ireland that celebrates the life of Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. The event is celebrated across both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. And we’ll have the ST. Patrick’s Day event every single year in FIFA 19. For 2019 ST. Patrick’s Day Event, We can expect that the Irish players price will begin to skyrocket, we could have Ireland players with exactly the same stats on a green card design, we’ll be able to enjoy various FIFA 19 ST. Patrick’s Day Offers.

FIFA 19 ST. Patrick’s Day Offers – What Can You Earn With 2019 ST. Patrick’s Day Event

We will have lots of content in this short period of time which could create some crash on the market. Based on the previous year’s FUT Saint Patrick’s Day event, We can predict that the FIFA 19 ST. Patricks Day offers will include:

1. Special Promo Packs

2. New Squad Building Challenges

3. Themed Kit

4. ST. Patrick’s Day Players Cards

How Do The FIFA 19 ST. Patrick’s Day Cards Work

For celebrating the ST. Patrick’s Day Event, EA will release a brand new themed card in green. These cards are assigned to a selection of player only to who completes the respective weekly objectives that you can obtain from both packs and SBCs.

- If you own the regular card of a St Patricks Day player, your card will keep unchanged. If you want the new version, you will need to complete the weekly objective.

- During the ST. Patrick’s Day event, a selection of Irish players will be released as unique green items. The ratings and stats of these cards are exactly the same ones from the day 1 items that means your card will keep unchanged.

FIFA 19 ST. Patrick’s Day Investing Tips – How To Do Best Investment For ST. Patrick’s Day 2019

- Irish players: If you pay even the slightest bit of attention to the market, you’ll be able to see that the Irish players prices increased by quite a lot in quite a short space of time I think some of them went even extinct on the market, so that’s basically the investment opportunity and a great chance to make FIFA 19 coins of a smaller budget.

- Special Cards: It provides a double investment as FUT birthday approaches. Think about which type of special card is most likely and also take into account the league, nationality and rating too.

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