FIFA 19 SQB Mode Guide: How To Play FIFA 19 SQB Mode On PC?

If The Novice Player In FIFA 19 Can Get A Good Result In SQB, They Will Get A Good Reward And Improve The Lineup Strength In The Early Stage. So What Is The Good Lineup And Style Of Play Against The SQB Mode Legendary Computer? Now We Will Bring You The FIFA 19 SQB Mode Legendary Computer Game Guides.

SQB Computer Game

First Of All, We Will Share With You The Law Of SQB Computer Play. In Fact, The SQB Computer Is Very Fixed. Therefore, For This Fixed Style Of Play, There Is A Corresponding Way Of Targeting, Which Is Divided Into The Following Three Stages: The First Is The Breakthrough In The Middle: The Legendary Computer, In The First 30 Minutes, Will First Choose The Middle Road Breakthrough, Mainly Through 2 Over 1 Table Tennis, Looking For Long-Range Opportunities Near The Restricted Area, And Then Score.

If The Middle Road Breakthrough Is Unsuccessful, It Will Change The Tactical Choice Pass, The Legendary Level Computer, If In The First 30 Minutes Or So, The Middle Road Breakthrough Has Been A Failure, It Will Start Looking For Opportunities On The Side, Through The Brainless Pass, Use The Header To Open Deadlock.

The Final Sprint Phase: After 70 Minutes (About 67-72 Minutes), The Computer Will Change The Dynamic Tactics And Become A Mad Dog Mode. If You Have Any Issues Pertaining To Wherever And How To Choose Cheap FIFA 19 Coins, You Can Get Hold Of Us At Our Own Web-Page. It Will Actively Force The Defender’s Ball, Fully Increase The Width And Depth Of The Lineup, And The Computer Strength, Your Feelings Are Endless, But Our Players’ Physical Strength Will Drop, So The Legendary Computer Often Completes Several Goals In The Last 20 Minutes. This 20 Minutes Has Become The Key To Keeping The Results.

The Above 1, 2, And 3 Are The Offensive Rules Of The Legendary Computer. We Think It Is Related To The Dynamic Tactics In The Different Situations When Programming. For Such A Law, We Also Need To Modify The Dynamic Tactics And The Targeted Response. The Above Is The Basis Of This Study.

Lineup Selection And Reasons

In Fact, In My Opinion, Many Lineups Are Available. The Main Reason For Recommending 352 Here Is That It Is Convenient To Modify The Dynamic Tactics, And It Is Convenient To Hold The Last 20 Minutes. It Is Suitable For Novice Players Who Are Not Fancy, And Also Suitable For Defense Pass. Next, You Will Explain The Reasons In A Few Points First Posted My Lineup Map, My Lineup Is More Expensive For Individual Players, But In Fact, The Players Who Are Not Expensive, You Can Try To Play, There Is No Need To Entangle The Lineup.

Defense Against The Head Of The Computer

After Constantly Changing The Lineup Experiment, You Finally Gave Up The Winger And Chose The Lineup Of Three Defenders. The Three Centre-Backs Are Best To Choose The Ones That Are High And Can Compete For The Header. Why Give Up The Winger?

Because Even If You Want To Break The Computer Ball In Advance, Even If You Interfere With It, It Will Enter The No-Solution Mode After 70 Minutes. You Can’t Help You In The Fairy Immigration. He Can Easily Pass It Out, But The Defense In The Restricted Area Is Not Enough Causing The Header To Lose Points. However, You Can Defend The Player By Pulling The Defender In Advance. That Is To Say, You Can Give Up The First-Foot Defense Of The Pass. If The Computer Does Not Enter The Restricted Area, It Will Not Be Defended.

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