In this FIFA 19 tutorial, we’ll introduce the cheapest way to complete SBC for 86 rated Gignac, who won the Liga Bancomer MX Player of the Month with the player review for him. The SBC is available now and expires after 6 days.

FIFA 19 Player of the Season (POTS) Gignac SBC – Liga Bancomer MX POTS Challenge


Min. France Players: 2
Min. Team overall rating: 84
Min. Team chemistry: 80
Number of the players in the squad: 11


POTS Gignac (86 rated, untradeable)

FIFA 19 SBC solutions: Cheapest Method to Complete FIFA 19 POTS Gignac SBC

Cheap hybrid squad builder under 25K for Liga Bancomer MX POTS Challenge

Formation/Lineup: 4-2-3-1

Rating: 84

Chemistry: 82

Price (FIFA 19 coins) based on Dec. 5 for different platforms:
PS4 – 20K, Xbox One – 22K, PC – 23.5K

FIFA 19 POTS Award Winner 86 André-Pierre Gignac Player Review

André-Pierre Gignac, striker, he won the Liga MX Player of the Season and become available through the FIFA 19 Squad Building Challenge, then does the SBC worthy to do and how to review Gignac? Let’s look at his in-game stats.

Gignac got pretty awesome shooting attributes, 89 finishing and 90 shot power those are definitely two standout attributes, and 85 attack position, 84 long shots and more, also decent. He also has 90 composure which is fantastic and another standout stat on this card is the 94 strength. 89 heading accuracy is definitely enough. Though he does not have ideal balance but only got taken down and ended up on the ground when he got fouled, he strengthened hold up play can certainly frustrate the opponent and cause them fouling.

How is the 86 rated Gignac in the game? He is pretty good, he’s obviously not the quickest forward but not slow, enough to make runs into space, when it comes to scoring goals and taking chances, Gignac is in top class he is a certified finisher, he doesn’t stay forward all the time but when you attack with the ball, he can regularly run into good positions and you can see the way he peels away from defenders to get into space for headers. His dribbling is alright, but he’s not agile enough to be taking on defenders, and the first touch to be a little bit inconsistent.When it comes to passing, he passes the ball well, not that creative but considering he’s a striker, his passing is up to scratch.

Overall, as a striker his main job is to score goals and has excellent shooting techniques, especially the finesse shot, heading and shot power, positioning and strength are also standout, but if you like to run with your forwards, he may not the best option. If your play style revolves around him, this card should certainly be considered, he’s definitely worth picking up just cost about 25K FUT coins.

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