In the FIFA series, after each player is performing well, there is a high probability that EA will release a different player card from the original card. Different player cards will greatly improve the player’s attributes. Let’s take “Sarah” as an example to lead you to understand the difference between different player cards and the story behind them.

























Gold Card

The player card that exists in the beginning of the new version can be obtained by using Green Point or Coins to open packs in the game.

Winter Upgrade Card

In the first half of the season, if the player performed well and the brand new player card will be released during the winter update.

Hero Card

When the player leads the team to a major achievement, EA will release a hero card for the player.

TOTW (team of the week) Card

The Team of the week card belongs to the best player in the last week.

SBC Card

The player card available after completing the SBC mission.

POTM (player of the month) Card

The player was named the best player of the month for his continued high-light performance.

Record BreakerCrad

When the player breaks the record, EA makes a tailor-made player card.

Dynamic Card

The rating of this card will change with the TOTW card, which is a card worth investing in.

TOTS (team of the season) Card

Named the best of the season.

World Cup

A player card that is individually customized for each national team player during the World Cup.

Ultimate Scream Card

Player card launched during Halloween events.

FUTmas SBC Card

Player card available at Christmas event.

FUT Birthday Card

The player card that can be obtained through the event during the EA FUT  anniversary.

MOTM (man of the match)

The player card released by EA after the player entered the UEFA League best lineup.

TOTY (team of the year) Card

There is no doubt that all the players that FUT gamers want to get this card. It is the Team of the year card that represents the player’s best level of the year.


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