FIFA 19 News: Naples Overwhelming Home Against Empoli

Another victory for the Neapolitan team in the advance of Friday against Empoli. The result is that of majestic and bombastic ones. 5 to 1. Napoli is proving an ability to make really impressive goals in this start of the season. Carlo Ancelotti’s team is proving more and more to have embarked on a path of development of truly impressive creative skills.

The attackers are never denied. Mertens and Insigne do what they want in front of them, giving full rein to their creative skills and Milik integrates into the team’s set-up with greater consistency. Empoli has little to say in this advance. It plays the role of sacrificial victim of this match given the wonderful shape of the Neapolitan. Napoli started off in the first minutes. From a ball recovered in the defensive phase from the ever present Koulibaly snaps a counter-attack brought forward by the same defender, who arrived near the opponent’s area unloaded a precise passage in the middle.

Insigne collects anticipating the defender and sends the net with a precise diagonal. From this moment on Naples is in total control of the match. The 2 to 0 comes shortly after with Mertens. Empoli mentions a timid reaction when he finds the goal with the always precise Caputo. The game returns to the hands of Ancelotti’s boys when Mertens turns a ball in the middle, finding the seven farthest. The goalkeeper is beaten. In the last minutes of the race Napoli can also find the goal of 4 to 1 with Milik and of the 5 1 with Mertens in extraordinary form. Juve is alerted!

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