FIFA 19 News: How Does the FIFA 19 Market Work?

How does the FIFA 19 market work? FIFA 19′s UT series, in addition to fighting fun for people, market transactions are also very attractive, earning gold coins through their own transactions, and eventually you get the players you want, it has become very nice, today brings you FIFA 19 market analysis.

Review of the market in September + mechanism for adjustment of the market price

(1) Price adjustment mechanism: at the beginning of each year, the FIFA UT series gives players a corresponding price ceiling based on the basic value of the player. For example, the 84 capacity value of Sun Xingmin is the highest price of Promos with a score of 40,000+, 82 capacity. The highest price is 20,000, and the highest price of Condado with 81 capacity is 10,000. In the beginning, when the market was in chaos, the price of all players was proportional to their ability. The first price deviation base is formed here.

(2) Assessment of practical value: because different players have different degrees of use, such as 85 Harvey Martinez is not used, but 85 Fabiño is used by a large number of people, even players with the same skill value, There will also be price differences due to actual use. Those who have practical value> the current price of the market will increase their prices. Practical value <The current market price of players will decrease. This is the basis for us to assess whether the player will continue to rise.

(3) Out of stock mechanism: as explained in (2), we know that many useful players, players want to buy, such as Sun Xingmin, such as Condado, then the market will quickly digest these cards, distributed in the hands of players, but because the price has not changed, these players will think twice with the above players when they want to sell again. Because nobody wants to buy or sell at a loss. Therefore, the market will not be in stock, take Sun Xingmin as an example. Yesterday, the maximum price of 40,000, with the Sun Xingmin players, will feel that 40,000 is too low, because there is no card on the market, so they do not want to sell. EA monitors the market every day and finds that this card has no market. To maintain market balance and allow players to buy tickets without cards, the price is increased to keep the normal circulation of market transactions in balance.

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