FIFA 19 News: FIFA 19 TOTW 22 & TOTW 23 Investment

FIFA 19 FUT Team of the Week 23 to be released soon, what’s your prediction of the TOTW 23 squad? With lots of Squad Building Challenges in Ultimate Team recently, such as OTW Summer SBC, Bundesliga and Premier League Upgrades SBC and more. We can make investment to earn or save FIFA 19 coins with the opportunity. Next, FIFAAH.COM will provide the FIFA 19 TOTW 22 & TOTW 23 investment guide about when and who to sell and buy.

FIFA 19 Team of the Week 22 Investment – Who and When to Sell & Buy

Team of the Week 22 team has been available in the packs and transfer market, which players have you picked? The recommended investing TOTW player is inform 81 ST Selke, as one of the cheapest 81 rated IF cards and a easy linked card in the team, he is in demand for the SBCs and up in value. The price may continue to increase when he out of the packs and the decline supply because of that.

When to buy: as cheap as possible, best less than 16K coins.

When to sell: when it reach your target profit.

FIFA 19 Team of the Week 23 Investment – Who and When to Sell & Buy

To invest the new gold rare cards when they out of packs is a useful tactic to earn FUT coins, because the supply is limited then price will rise during that period, there are lots of Winter Upgrades and Winter transfer gold cards into packs in the February and FIFA 19 TOTW 23 will be released on Wednesday, you can choose a cheap high rated gold player who has good nation, good club or league to invest, the recommendation is 82 CAM Demirbay, with 1 goal, 1 assist, MOTM and 10.0 rating in a 3-0 win match, he is hot in the TOTW prediction and most likely to get the TOTW 23 award, which will result in his standard card out of packs for a week, February 20 to February 27 (this Wednesday to next Wednesday).

When to buy: as cheap as possible, best less than 1K coins.

When to sell: before the card return to packs (next Wednesday, February 27) with a profitable price.

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