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FIFA 19 continues the story of Alex Hunter. The story mode introduced in FIFA 17 was very well received. The Journey: Champions is the third installment of this mode that will wrap up Alex Hunter’s adventure.

When players begin the mode, they will get to choose between three characters: Danny Williams, Alex Hunter, or Kim Hunter. Each character has a story line that is optional. Players can also switch through characters and the game gives recommendations when to do so. Most players will get a pleasant story mode experience by following the game’s recommendations. Decision making is one of the gameplay features of this mode. Quite often, players will be required to make decisions such as choosing an answer when interacting with other characters. The chosen answer will influence the player’s relation with fans, press, and business contacts. Answers differ based on the selected footballer. Each one has advantages and disadvantages. This is to encourage players to make their own journey. It’s important to keep in mind that no answer is right or wrong. Different answers match different personalities.

The Journey: Champions has four chapters. In Chapter 1, players will win the pre-season tour final and achieve certain ratings. The last three chapters have different objectives based on the selected character. Chapter 4 concludes the story of Alex Hunter and his friends. The main objective is to win the final in UEFA Champions League or FIFA Women’s Cup. Players will also be required to score at least one goal and to record an assist. After players finish the Journey, they get some rewards that can be used in other modes. Alex Hunter and Danny Williams will be featured in career mode. They will also make an appearance in FIFA 19 most popular mode, Ultimate Team. Kim Hunter will be available for US Women’s National Team.

The Journey: Champions may be over but we don’t know for sure whether EA will stop making story driven modes for FIFA series in the future. What we know is that we will keep offering cheap price for you to buy fifa 19 coins now during Black Friday.

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