FIFA 19 News: Date of FIFA 19 TOTY

What is the FIFA 19 TOTY promotion?

Consistent since FUT 12, by the beginning of January, Electronic Arts assembles a group of players that depends on their real performance in the previous year. Before FIFA 18, the players of this TOTY were chosen from casting a ballot paper from FIFPro, the general affiliation of expert footballers and reported in the Best FIFA Football Awards Gala. Nevertheless, things have changed since a year ago and that choice is currently being made by the FIFA population and Electronic Arts.

In the midst of the FIFA 19 TOTY promotion, Electronic Arts solves a few FUT pack offers, theme cards, units and squad reconstruction problems. Subtletes on FIFA 19 TOTY offers are renewed below.

FIFA 19 TOTY release date

The moment FIFA is discharged 19 TOTY progress?

The TOTY opportunity is already a few years back. It is generally one of the first FIFA occasions of the ordinary year.

In the attached table you will see the TOTY opportunity to show the dismissal dates of previous years:

The undoubted date is January 7, but it has not yet been confirmed. The opportunity is reported on this date and the cards start more than a week later, on January 14th.

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