FIFA 19 News: Best Economic Porters for FIFA Ultimate Team

The goalkeeper is one of the most important elements of our team. It is therefore very important to choose the best quality for our FUT, keeping an eye on our portfolio.

Christian Früchtl, Bayern Munich. Expected to be the successor of Manuel Neuer is on track to become the main man in the national team. His five goalkeeper stats are all between 64 and 68, making him an incredible all-rounder with no recognizable weaknesses. His jump could be better, but thanks to his height he can still reach most of the high balls. Alessandro Plizzari, AC Milan.

Alessandro Plizzari is a promising young man with a total of 66 and 84 potentials. His best stats are his 72 reflexes, followed by his 68 dives. His weakest goalkeeper score is his 59th soccer, but let’s be realistic, the latter is much less important than the other four. Mile Svilar, Benfica. Despite being only 18, he has already appeared for Benfica a few times, which demonstrates his incredible potential. His statistics speak of 71 dip and jump which are his two highest, followed by his 70 reflexes and 69 reactions. Emil Audero, Sampdoria. If you are thinking of spending a little more then your ideal goalkeeper could be Audero.

 His stats are 77 dip and reflexes, followed by his 69 positioning and 68 grip, make him a great goalkeeper on which to rely. He has already got a total of 71, so he can immediately fall into the category of goalkeepers who have a certain reliability. So what are you waiting for? Decide what your new goalkeeper will be!

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