FIFA 19: Klopp’s Opinion in Exciting Season

With the run of the Premier League title, the Liverpool coach could not contain his joy before the trip to face Arsenal. Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp believes that the Premier League title race is heralding as the most exciting in recent years, but has claimed that her team must be more consistent.

A away win over Arsenal would be a great result for Liverpool for a season full of goals. Although Manchester City is currently at the top of the Premier League standings, only six points separate the top six teams. For this reason, Klopp believes that Liverpool should not focus particularly on the current champions. “We play against the City twice,” he said. “The most we can lose against them is three points in each of these games”

In the end, however, the current tension at the top of the Premier League pleases Klopp, who is enthusiastic about how the fought championships can give incredible emotions. Then he makes the comparison with his former championship, the German one, which in recent years has been quite predictable “In Germany, in the past, they constantly complained about Bayern Munich and everyone knew who would be champion in October, but this year is not so”. Continue “I hope it stays like this until the end of the season, it’s probably the most exciting season for years, last year some teams played really well, but there was no chance to take City because, from October to November, the gap it was already so big. It’s simply exciting, I’m a football fan too and it’s great for a fan! “We also hope that the English championship will remain exciting for the whole season!

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