FIFA 19 FUTmas Player SBC

FIFA 19 FUTmas promo has been going on the Day 6, releasing three players 82 CAM Bruma, 87 CM Khedira, and 86 ST Lacazette with the number 6, does the SBC worthy to do? What’s the cheapest way?¬† will introduce you the cheapest way to complete FIFA 19 FUTmas SBC for Bruma, Khedira, and Lacazette, as well as the review.

FIFA 19 FUTmas Cards SBC Day 6 – 82 Bruma, 87 Khedira, and 86 Lacazette



Min. Germany 1. Bundesliga Players: 3
Min. Team of the Week + FUT Champions Reward Players: 1
Max Players from the same League: 4
Min. Team Rating: 83
Min. Team Chemistry: 75
Number of Players in the Squad: 11

Cheapest Way to Complete FIFA 19 FUTmas 82 Bruma Player Card SBC

Formation/Lineup: 4-3-3

Team Rating: 83

Team Chemistry: 76

FIFA 19 FUTmas 82 CAM Bruma & FUTmas Bruma SBC Review

From the above squad builder for FIFA 19 FUTmas Bruma SBC, we can know that the cheapest way to get 82 CAM Bruma to need about 40K, then let’s see his in-game stats.

Generally, pace and dribbling are his biggest advantages, shooting and passing attributes are average, defending and physical even poor, he has decent 96 agility, 93 balance, and 85 ball control and 90 in-game dribbling, 97 acceleration and 93 sprint speed with 80 stamina. You have to use him in a way avoids contact with defenders, but has a pretty nice balance, when the opponents knock off the ball, he can stay on his feet and have the chance to win the ball back, his passing is not very ideal for an attacking midfielder. Overall, this FUTmas card is not great but not terrible, not very worthy to cost about 40K FUT coins, if you want to get him, he can be a winger, it is not recommended that to use him as a striker because of his shooting ability even though he is super fast and good with the ball, but you can apply the Marksman Chemistry style to improve his shooting stats.

FIFA 19 FUTMAS Sami Khedira SBC


Min. Italy Serie A Players: 1
Min. Germany Players: 3
Max Players from the same Nation: 6
Min. Team Rating: 84
Min. Team Chemistry: 65
Number of Players in the Squad: 11

Cheapest Way to Complete FIFA 19 FUTmas 87 Sami Khedira Player Card SBC

Formation/Lineup: 4-4-2

Team Rating: 84

Chemistry: 66

FIFA 19 FUTmas 87 CM Khedira & FUTmas Sami Khedira SBC Review

Khedira, his overall looks good but some attributes are poor. 60 pace is so poor relatively 79 stamina and 78 shooting is average, but his passing, dribbling, defending and physical are decent. He also got pretty good strength 89, solid aggression 83, decent interception 88 and stand tackle 85, 86 ball control and 83 in-game dribbling but poor balance and agility, he is not the quickest midfielders, so if you do use Khedira, it is suggested using a Chemistry style to boost his pace

Overall, he’s got a good shot power, have a pretty good fast touch and protect the ball very well but may knock to the floor, he’s also capable of pinging through some great free balls from deep positions defensively and he reacts quickly to situations, 40K FIFA 19 coins for an 87 rated special card is good value and 65 chemistry, the request is not high, this is a usable card that provides some good green links to some high level of Ultimate Team players

FIFA 19 FUTmas Alexandre Lacazette SBC


Min. England Premier League Players: 4
Min. Arsenal Players: 1
Max Players from the same Nation: 4
Min. Team Rating: 86
Min. Team Chemistry: 80
Number of Players in the Squad: 11

Cheapest Way to Complete FIFA 19 FUTmas 86 Alexandre Lacazette Player Card SBC

Formation/Lineup: 4-5-1

Team Rating: 86

Chemistry: 82

FIFA 19 FUTmas 86 ST Lacazette & FUTmas Alexandre Lacazette SBC Review

Lacazette, 86 overall, looks very nice, but does it worth to do? Let’s take a look at his in-game stats. Firstly, the four-star weak foot and four-star skill moves are good, 85 pace, 85 shooting and 87 dribbling are great, 73 passing and 73 physical are average, 89 finishing which is very key for a striker, he’s got 87 sprint speed which is decent, 88 agility and 87 balance which is great and but the 76 stamina means he’ll feel tired at the end of games, additionally you need to submit an 86 rated squad and cost about 200K FIFA coins, that’s expensive and not worth it.

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