FIFA 19 FUT Swap Deals June Guide: Swap Items, Players, Review & Calendar for FUT Swap Deals

After a really long wait and expectation, EA finally released 5 new FUT Swap players and 6 packs on June 6, 2019, as the FUT Swap Deals IX SBC rewards as well as 2 FUT Swap items. Which players you can earn this month and which one is the best value deal? In this guide, reliable fifa coin websites will introduce the FIFA 19 FUT Swap Deals June items, calendar, SBC rewards players, packs, and players review.

FIFA 19 FUT Swap Deals June Calendar – FUT Swap Items & Release Schedule

June 6, 2019

60 RM Kenny Rocha Santos – AS Saint-Étienne – Free Token

60 CDM Jean-Clair Todibo – FC Barcelona – Squad Building Challenge

June 7, 2019

FUT Swap Deals Player I – Weekly Objective – Score using TOTS players in 3 separate Rivals matches

FUT Swap Deals Player II – Weekly Objective – Win 4 Squad Battle matches using a squad with a max rating of 80 on min. World Class difficulty

FUT Swap Deals Player III – Weekly Objective – Assist 10 goals using MLS players in Squad Battles on min. Professional difficulty

FIFA 19 FUT Swap Deals June – FUT Swap Deals IX SBC rewards

FUT Swap Players June

87 CB Marquinhos – Paris Saint-Germain (3 FUT Swap items)

92 CM Luka Modrić – Real Madrid (6 FUT Swap items)

89 RM David Alaba – FC Bayern Munich (8 FUT Swap items)

90 LB Alex Sandro – Juventus (12 FUT Swap items)

90 CAM Leroy Sané – Manchester City (14 FUT Swap items)

FUT Swap Packs June

Jumbo Gold Pack (Untradeable, 1 FUT Swap items)

Electrum Players Pack (2 FUT Swap items)

Rare Mega Pack (4 FUT Swap items)

Liga NOS TOTS Guarantee (5 FUT Swap items)

Bundesliga TOTS Guarantee (10 FUT Swap items)

Mid ICON Pack (14 FUT Swap items)

How to get FIFA 19 June FUT Swap Deals items, players & packs?

Depart from EA’s normal behavior, the FUT Swap Deals June 2019 has been delayed near a week, it’s finally arrive on Thursday with decent SBC rewards. Combining with the FUT 19 Team of the Season event, you can earn Bundesliga and Liga NOS TOTS Guarantee pack and the Mid ICON Pack instead of Base Icon. From June 6 to June 30, 2019, you can unlock up to 14 FUT Swap items June through SBCs, Squad Battles and Weekly Objectives with specific requirements.

To win these FUT Swap June SBC rewards players and packs, you can collect enough number of June FUT Swap items as long as it’s announced and then completing the Squad Building Challenges instead of buying them on transfer market. All FUT Swap Deals June 2019 items will be updated here in the next few days, check out this page for all information.

FIFA 19 FUT Swap Deals June 2019 Player Reviews & Tips

June Swap Deals Player Marquinhos

87 Marquinhos, center back, TOTW 23 inform card, plays for Ligue 1 club Paris Saint-Germain and the Brazil national team. On the whole, this is an usable card, 78 pace is not poor for a defender, 74 agility, 73 balance, 84 composure, 86 short pass, 86 interceptions and 86 reactions are all decent enough, when it comes to his key stats 88 defending and 80 physical, his defensive is brilliant and well-rounded, 90 jumping, but the stamina and strength are average. 3 FUT Swap June tokens can be exchanged for him, the reference price is 53-57K FUT Coins.

June Swap Deals Player Luka Modrić

92 Modrić, center midfielder, another TOTW item for June Swap Deals in FUT 19, plays for La Liga club Real Madrid CF, which need cost 6 tokens or 115K-230K Coins on market. Actually, he’s not amazing in the variant at this point of 2019, especially compared to some TOTS cards, but it still has really high passing and dribbling rating. If you get 9 FUT Swap deals items June, you can exchange a TOTW Marquinhos and Modrić, that could be a good value option even though not the best one.

June Swap Deals Player David Alaba

89 Alaba, right midfielder, FUT Birthday card, who plays for German Bundesliga club FC Bayern Munich and the Austria national team, requires 8 FUT Swap items June and sells 180-205K Coins on your console. 90 pace, 87 shooting, 89 passing, 89 dribbling, 83 defending and 78 physical, overall, this is a pretty nice card that are versatile, you can start using him in a RM position and then move around. He is much ideal for 3-5-2 formation and due to most players has a Bundesliga team, this is also a decent choice.

June Swap Deals Player Alex Sandro

90 Alex Sandro, left back, Headliners card, who plays for Italian Serie A club Juventus and the Brazil national team, need 12 June Swap items for exchanging or 245-260K Coins to buy. Alex Sandro received a 93 rated Flashback card that obtainable through Serie A Team of the Season SBC, this is also a good card, 5’11” height and 82 jumping are good, 86 acceleration and 90 sprint speed are really decent, 84 agility, 83 balance, 90 reactions and more dribbling, passing stats are very ideal, in addition, there is no shortcoming to his defensive and physical stats, so this is a worthy option maybe the best one if you are looking for a fullback and want to save money.

June Swap Deals Player Leroy Sané

90 Sané, center attacking midfielder, FUT Birthday item, who for Premier League club Manchester City and the German national team, he can also be played as a winger, acquires all 14 tokens or 400-440K coins. EA has increased the cards value a little bit for 14 FUT Swap Deals items compared to Douglas Costa (FUT Swap Deals April) and Luis Suárez (FUT Swap May). This is a great card with incredibly pace, brilliant shooting, fantastic passing and dribbling as well as good stamina. But in order to gather all the items in June, you have to finish all the tasks, maybe it’s not worth no matter for 90 rated Leroy Sané or Mid ICON Pack.

Towards the end of Team of the Season 2019, maybe you have the chance to get lots of top players through guarantee packs, like Bruno Fernandes and Alex Telles in FIFA 19 Liga NOS TOTS squad and Jadon Sancho and Robert Lewandowski in Bundesliga TOTS squad, if you don’t get a great player you want, you can put into the one that would allow you at any team.

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