FIFA 19 FUT Birthday Released Confirmed

Big event! Experienced great success of the FIFA Ultimate Team mode, EA announced that the celebration for its 10 years anniversary is going to start at 6 PM UK on March 22, 2019, and last 10 days. What offers will be featured in FIFA 19 FUT Birthday? What’s the new this year? Check out the live update of FIFA 19 FUT Birthday offers on fifa 19 coin websites with FUT Birthday squad, Anniversary players, Squad Building Challenges, Weekly Objectives, packs, Engagement rewards and more, as well as the release schedule, get all the details fast!

FIFA 19 FUT Birthday Offers – 2019 FUT Birthday Players & Squad

There are totally 31 FUT Birthday players will be released in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team. An exclusive FIFA 19 FUT Birthday squad including 21 players will be released at the start of the event. Each player featured in the squad will receive a new 10-year FUT Birthday card with an upgraded rating and changed position, it will be firstly revealed in packs and you can also buy them with FIFA 19 coins on transfer market later. The rest 10 players would be available through SBCs and Objectives.

FIFA 19 FUT Birthday Offers – FUT Birthday Anniversary Players & SBCs & Weekly Objectives

The official news has leaked that 7 memorable players with decent in-game performance in FIFA 19 will be released as the FIFA 19 FUT Birthday Anniversary items, which is obtainable through SBCs and Objective, including Flashback, Premium SBC, and FUT Birthday item types. These players are selected from FUT Favourites of FIFA community, 5 of them will be available through SBC and another 2 need to earn from Weekly Objectives.

A total of 21 players will be available through SBCs during FIFA 19 FUT Birthday, including 10 Prime ICON Moments, 6 FUT Birthday players and 5 Anniversary players.

Additionally, 6 players will be available through themed FIFA 19 FUT Birthday Weekly Objectives including 4 Birthday and 2 Anniversary players.

FIFA 19 FUT Birthday Offers – Engagement Reward

Similar to FIFA 19 FUT Player Days, there are also engagement rewards for different stages of FIFA Ultimate Team players.

1-8 Days: Custom Kit

9-55 Days: 25k Jumbo Premium Gold Pack

56-115 Days: 45k Prime Gold Players Pack

116-162 Days: 55k Rare Mega Pack

163+ Days: 125k Ultimate Pack

FIFA 19 FUT Birthday Offers – Twitch Drops

Between 6 PM and 10 PM UK on March 22, Friday, make sure your Twitch account link with your EA account, watching top FIFA Twitch streams focus on the FIFA 19 FUT Birthday from the following Streamers, you can earn rewards that including FUT Birthday, Prime ICON Moments players and packs.

FUT Birthday Twitch Streamers





Bruce Grannec

All offers will be updated soon after 6 PM UK, March 22, 2019.

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