FIFA 19 FUT Birthday Investment Guide: Should You Sell Your Players Now Or Wait A Few More Weeks

FIFA 19 FUT Birthday is coming!

Carnival promo has definitely ended and there are no more any promo packs until FIFA 19 FUT Birthday. EA is set to release their usual collection of FIFA 19 FUT Birthday special promotions on such as lightening rounds, weekly objectives, prime icon SBCs and FUT Birthday cards. Which players have you invested? Today best fifa 19 coins seller will bring you the FIFA 19 FUT Birthday market crash guide about when should you sell your team to make FIFA 19 Coins, how the market is going to react, how to do best FIFA 19 FUT Birthday investment.

FUT Birthday Market Crash

We do have a FUT Birthday every single year on FIFA Ultimate Team, it’s a yearly celebration in FUT, but this year is significant because we do actually have the 10th celebration. There are lots of rumors going around that FIFA 19 FUT birthday event could be this Friday, and if it is going to be this Friday, there is going to be lots of panic selling on the market even more than there is right now, and the market will have absolutely zero time to recover and you do need to definitely be aware of this, because you need to try and sell your players before this is going to happen.

Then there is a question about if now would be a good time to sell players or still wait a few mroe days, until the FUT Birthday is released.

Right now is probably going to be the best time to sell players.

1. That you should be selling everything in preparation off that Birthday, lots of people were actually quite in shock because of the market, they sold their teams and the value of their cards, the market all did go up a bit, but when I recommend selling your team, it was kind of in preparation for a long term, it wasn’t just selling and then you’re gonna buy back in a few days, this was gonna be long-term selling, so you sell before FUT birthday, now it’s going to be the exact same thing.

2. This FUT Birthday market crash is not going to be the same as any other primer as the crash there will not be any time for the market to recover, because we will have TOTS soon after which is going to cause a huge crash as well. Team of the Season is closer than you think and if you do not sell in the right time or if you keep your team in two weeks, you could risk lots of FUT 19 coins, because when everyone starts selling their teams in the panic it will be too late and then there’s no need to kind of sell your team. o the best time to actually sell your team for the long term not just for this promo but for long term for the whole of FIFA 19, I would recommend selling now. If you are prepared you can easily avoid this mass selling and stay safe with your coins.

3. FIFA 19 FUT Birthday market crash is on its way maybe on this Friday, and this is going to cause lots of panic selling, which is going to be a very good time to buy your team and all of your players back, but then after this there is going to be a mini recovery maybe for a few days 2 to 4 days, and then after that there is going to be lots of team of the season panic selling and that is going to be the ultimate perfect time to buy your players back. So if you’re a bit impatient, you can’t really wait until the team the season as TOTS panics selling is kind of going to be two a week after just outright off – pretty much or maybe a few days after FUT birthday.

4. As we can see some players here Neymar JR, Cramaric, they have been increasing quite a lot, and some people have actually been claiming that FUT Birthday crash will make the players drop. So I recommend selling your team now, the market is quite high now and FUT Birthday is going to go down very low, and then the whole point of this is after FUT birthday event, it’s only in just a few weeks, there is going to be team of the season, and team of the season panic selling is going to be huge especially right after FUT birthday promo, there’s gonna be no time to recover, so that’s why you need to be very careful.

5. Now would probably be the best time to sell, just take the coins. Because you don’t know what’s going to be happening in the following weeks, we never know if there’s going to be another mini promo which could cause a mini crash before this FUT Birthday (the ST. Patrick’s Day has not been revealed yet, we don’t know EA’s decision). So in my opinion, it’s just a lot safer to take the coins right now.

So right now is the best time to sell your teams to prepare for the FIFA 19 FUT Birthday market crash! Or just check real fifa 19 coin price before knowing where to buy fifa coins safely and how to get coins fifa 19 100k coins fifa by using the fifa 19 coin discount codes “fifacoins” for 5% off from trustworthy fifa coin sites now.

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