FIFA 19 Attack Tips Guide to Win

Struggling to create opportunities or put them on FIFA 19? It’s a familiar feeling, shortly after a new FIFA has been released, but with a whole series of changes this time, hitting the ball in the back of the net has never looked so easy.

You have to play as you watch FIFA 19 and move the ball as fast as possible. The new transfer system on FIFA 19 means that difficult passes are more difficult to play, so keep things as simple as you can.

By using the driven pass (R1 + X / RB + A), you can roll the ball, although it is not as effective as on FIFA 18. You want to perform one-touch passes as quickly as possible, and with an improved crossing year you want to stick the ball wide.

Then look for the high cross (L1 + ▢ / LB + X) and cut the ball to the back post for easy headers to store. For me, that is the most effective way to score.

Ultimately, if you play against better players, you can learn from their style and then implement them in your own game. Write down the things they do, and take it with you in your own game, or prepare to deal with it the next time.

If the game goes slower and the defense numbers have returned, try to make room with the dribbler by using a bullet roller (hold R-stick left / right), which could give you the chance to shoot away or to unload ball.

It is not ashamed to be patient with the ball, so use the raised (L2 + R2 / LT + RT) control to keep the ball close to your feet, shielding the ball (keep L2 / LT ) an obvious way of looking is after possession while you are waiting for the movement of your teammates. If there is still a lack of options, ask them to create a run (L1 / LB) or to offer them support (R1 / RB).

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