With the excellent performance of two rounds in the opening game of the World Cup in Russia, Golovin became famous in the world. The EA official also launched the FIFA18 World Cup Model First Hero Card for this player. How about this card data? Here’s a look at the Fifa18 Man Of The Match Golovin data presentation!


Attacking midfielder Aleksandr Golovin was touted as a potential star at the 2018 FIFA World Cuplong before the start of the tournament, and the 22-year-old certainly did not disappointment in the Opening Match against Saudi Arabia, when he showcased all his talent in an outstanding display. And while never wise to rush to judgement after just one game, we looked in detail at Golovins performance to get an idea of what we can expect in Russias crucial next fixture against Egypt.

l He completed more successful passes than anyone else in the team (27). No one used the ball better than him in the Opening Match.

l He delivered the most crosses into the penalty area (3), two of which led to goals.

l He made three successful dribbles out of four attempts; only Denis Cheryshev, the Sbornaya’s other hero, did better with five out of six.

l He created five goalscoring opportunities, the highest from a Russia or Soviet Union player in a World Cup game since 1970.

l He committed more fouls than anyone on the pitch at the Luzhniki Stadium. Usually, this statistic is cited as a negative, but here it shows how energetic Golovin was in implementing the high press that was key to Russia’s game plan, engaging the opposition in their half of the pitch.

l As a result of that press, he won back possession more than any other player (10).

l Golovin ran further than anyone else on the pitch: 12.7 kilometres, an amazing distance covered.

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