FIFA 18 UT Mode All Legendary Player Attributes Daquan Full Introduction

Which legendary players do FIFA18 ut mode have? FIFA18 has been released on 29th September 2017, but for most FIFA lovers, what are the characteristics of FIFA18 that is a topic worth discussing. Here FIFA-COINS.COM brings you the introduction of all UT mode legendary Players introduction, and do not miss it if you are interested in it.

UT Mode All Legendary Player Introduction

Each legendary player will have three separate player cards, each with different attributes to reflect their different life histories. Two of the low players cards will be able to get directly from the card package, the legendary player card with the best attributes can only be obtained through the SBC (need to use low-capacity legendary player card) or a specific time card package.

Ronaldo Luiz Nazario De Lima

PAC: 94
DRI: 91
SHO: 90
DEF: 42
PAS: 77
PHY: 72

PAC: 97
DRI: 95
SHO: 95
DEF: 45
PAS: 81
PHY: 76

PAC: 93
DRI: 93
SHO: 93
DEF: 46
PAS: 80
PHY: 80

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