FIFA 18 Tutorial: How To Optimize Your Defense In FIFA 18 (Part Two)

Today, we keep talking about some easy way to optimize your defense in FIFA 18, it is simple and useful. The following skills and tips are basically no player’s attribute limit, you can use it free. So, let’s getting start to learn this tutorial.

Press A button to intercept.

Has any gamer ever thought of using the short pass of the A button as an interception method?

In fact, this is a feasible method. When the ball files to you and the other player, you press the A button at this time, although it is considered as a passing, the passing will also cause similar actions such as interception to opposing player. This interception method was not punished by referees before FIFA 17. However, FIFA 18 has a chance to give penalties for fouls. This is mainly based on systematic judgments.

This trick is very useful, not only for interception, but also for passing. You should use it more.

fifa 18 defense

fifa 18 defense

Sliding Tackle

The difficulty of the sliding tackle is much harder than other defenses. The key is to have a predictable distance and speed. The general interception time is when you and the ball player running side by side, and the opposing player suddenly kicks the ball off the leg, at this time you can use sliding tackle in the direction of the ball.

If you can not intercept the ball, it will cause a big loophole in the rear, and it is basically impossible to recover. Once the spade fails, you immediately switchplayers to make up.

keeper pounced

When the opposing player is Single-pole ball, you can press Y button to let the goalkeeper pounced. You can let him out of the penalty area to use as a defender, but don’t do it often, otherwise there will be danger of being beat back by the opponents. When you release the Y button, the goalkeeper will shrink back, and if you are sure that would be the single-pole ball, you need to hold the Y key tight.

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