FIFA 18 Tutorial: How To Optimize Your Defense In FIFA 18 (Part one)

Many FIFA 18 gamers are advocating offense in the game. This habit can easily lead to very large loopholes in their defense. The loose defense will also make it easy for opponent to beat your team. This will make you afraid to defend each other’s players, but how to resolve the opponent’s offense only rely on computer defense, it is quite passive. In the absence of morale, the offense is not necessarily effective, so improving the defense quality is a problem that gamers must pay attention to.


Use your physical advantage

Use your defender hits the opponent who is dribbling, you can rely on physical advantage to knock off the offensive player and grab the ball.


This skill is very simple. When you are close to the offensive player as a defender, you first get close to each other and become entangled, when you determine the running trend of the opponent (non-ball trend), you directly hold down B button, keep 1 second, instead of tapping the B button for an instant steal. At this point, you will use your body to hit the opponent.



Block the restricted area


Many gamers will be in a hurry to defend when the opponent are pused into the area.


In fact, the defense work in the area is very simple. You only need to pay attention to the opponent’s passing routes and shooting directions, and then block the routes that are likely to pass and shoot.


Use your player’s body to block the route, it may cause the other person to pass the ball and make mistakes when shooting. As the system will sometimes make judgments, so that your players make reasonable interceptions and tackles automatic, so you don’t have to bother about the action, and all you have to do is to take a defensive more.


If the game has a handball, remember to hold down the LT button while you are in the penalty zone. This will allow the player you are currently manipulating to keep his arms behind him, then you don’t need to worry about the handball.




The tackling requires you to be close to your opponent, press B to extend the foot to steal.


When you faild to tackling, it’s easy to lose your position, but this kind of dislocation is not serious, but it’s almost impossible to get back to the tight state, so after the interception, you can try to follow the ball player, then switch other players to keep up the defense.


The tricking is judge the opponent’s next move and intercept his foot position. In fact, when you are close to the opponent, you can use interception to try to steal the ball. Pressing the B button form a pull or force action.


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