FIFA 18 Tutorial: How To Beat The Legendary AI In FIFA 18

The Legendary AI’s familiarity and shooting accuracy are very good, for the beginners, it is not a simple matter to beat the legendary AI. Today, FIFA-COINS.COM bring you some ideas for how to beat the legendary AI, have a look and learn some tips!

Competing with AI can’t be the same as playing with your friend, because people will making some mistakes, but AI is basically a program and they won’t make mistakes.

Find a formation with two wings, you must attack from the wings, when you have get use to it, even you absent-minded, you can win 5 : 0. After a few times one-two, pass the ball to the winger to speed up. When you nearly the bottom line, return in the direction of fake shots or other skill moves, then pass the ball to the middle, the first one to catch the balls has the opportunity to shoot.

Don’t attack from the middle, unless you are very patient, not that the middle road doesn’t work, with its easy offensivve from the wing, why do I seriusly attack from the middle.

Try you best to play some useful skill moves. The AI will suddenly stop.

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