FIFA 18 TOTY: Is Launching the TOTY Bonus Coins Now

FIFA 18 TOTY  is around the corner now! Still look for where to get more free coins? Here we recommend the FIFACOIN.COM for you as it is launching the FIFA 18 TOTY Coins Bonus Activity now. If you pay attention to our site, you will see we update the activities in time which is launched by the legit trusted fifa coins sellers listed on FIFA-COINS.COM. Just follow the requirements in the follows to get up to 10% bonus on FIFACOIN.COM now till 13th Feb, 2018.

1) Up to 10% Bonus Coins & TOTY Cards from now till Feb. 13th, 9:00 a.m. 2018, UK. on FIFACOIN.COM


Console: PS4 & XBOX ONE
Buy coins among 100K~499K, enjoy up to 6% bonus
Buy coins among 500K~999K, enjoy up to 8% bonus
Buy coins 1000K+, enjoy up to 10% bonus


Console: PC
Buy coins among 300K~999K, enjoy up to 6% bonus
Buy coins among 1000K~2999K, enjoy up to 8% bonus
Buy coins 3000K+, enjoy up to 10% bonus











2) Bonus For Top 10 Buyers On
Each guest’s order(s) amount will be accumulated during the TOTY Activity. The more coins you buy, the more likely to enjoy the bonus.


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