FIFA 18 Tips: Rainbow Flick FIFA 18 Tutorial

The Rainbow Flick, popularized by Jay Jay Okocha is perhaps one of the most tricky skill moves to pull off, but is easily one of the best-looking in any player’s arsenal. If you are playing with someone with 4 star skills or above, you can use this move to flick the ball over the head of your opponent and beat your man, which could lead to a lucrative chance on a goal.

Rainbow flick, the most beautiful scenery on the playground. When I was a kid, the 2002 World Cup, Turkey against Brazil, Ilhan used this brilliant Ranbow flick remain fresh in my memory.

Rainbow Flick  FIFA 18

Rainbow Flick FIFA 18

To Rainbow Flick you must pull the Right Stick (RS) down and then forwards if facing upwards. If travelling left to right you must flick the RS left to right, or the opposite if attacking from the other direction. If done correctly, the ball should soar over your head and land in front of you, which can give the potential for a volley or allow you to get past a tricky defender.

The Advanced Rainbow Flick is very similar except that you flick the RS left twice before flicking it right, or twice down before you flick it up. This is an upgraded version of the Rainbow Flick in which the player juggles it between his feet before letting it soar over his head and land in front of him.

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