FIFA 18 Tips: FIFA18 Platinum Guide

FIFA 18 is the latest football game produced and distributed by EA. It is the latest sequel to the popular “FIFA” series and was officially launched on September 29th (Deluxe Edition on the 26th). This quote refers to the legendary star “alien” Ronaldo and active player Cristiano Ronaldo as a signboard.

As one of the best football games, the advancement of the screen and the action make the game more expressive and more attractive to new players. For older players, the FUT model is even more addictive.

FIFA18 Platinum Guide

FIFA18 Platinum Guide

Regarding the difficulty of this game, I personally feel that it is a lot lower than FIFA 16 and FIFA 17.

Which is Mainly reflected in the recruitment mode, as it is not completed online, playing ai is also feasible. The only one that has raised the difficulty is only FUT rose to D1 level There are many online gods. Normal players can only say that they have no chance to ascend to D1 unless they spend a plenty of money to build the excellent squad. But it does not matter, as long as the ordinary players can play against the ai, and can easily overcome the world-class ai, then you can take this stand-up to the D1 trophy. In addition, other trophies are not difficult.

Trophies Amount: 45

Platinum Trophy: 1

Gold Trophies: 3

Silver Trophies: 9

Blonze Trophies: 32

Difficulty Level of Platinum: 5/10

Time: Over 30 hours

Platinum Trophy : Unlock all other trophies as follows:

1 Women’s International Cup, 1 Soccer Tour Mode, 1 Career Mode, 1 Professional Collegue, 1 Online Season, 1 Online Friendship Season, 1 FUT.

Trophy missed by mistake: Yes

Trophy BUG or Accident: None

Hardware needs: With or without friends and levels, dual handles or PSV may be required.

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