FIFA 18 Tips: FIFA 18 Defensive Tactics (Part One)

How to defend in FIFA 18? So many players think that it is easy to attack but difficult to defend in FIFA 18, so now I’d like to share you guys some defending thoughts and skills, hope all of you like it.

My personal style is not conservative (unless I myself feel that my ability is significantly lower than the other person), and a large number of hoarding in the backcourt will lead me to attack weakly, so when the opponent attacked, I was at a disadvantage for most of the time, even if the battlefield fell, it is also because I robbed the ball then made my game failed. This kind of defending needs to rely on your overall situation, pre-judgment and immediate reaction. Football is ever-changing and there is no consistent gameplay.

FIFA 18 Defensive Tactics

FIFA 18 Defensive Tactics

Defending method

It is roughly divided into hand-controlled defending midfielder who block the line. There is a problem with the hand-controlled defending midfielder, which is that it is easy to shoot long distances in the penalty zone or the defender has just got lost.

My defending is as positive as possible. Who will be the most likely to defend face by face? The answer is the full back defender, especially the Centre Back defender, and the middle is the most dangerous and most likely to lose goal!

For every defensive round, I wouldn’t prejudge what the opponent would do like everyone would like to say, but I think what will the other side doing that I’m most afraid of (that is, think what the other party does is most dangerous to you), then I’ll put player who can intercept the place fastest to that place (I said that I often use the central defender because most of the dangers are blocked by a single player or faced by a direct shooting), and after solving the most dangerous situation, the other person’s choice will naturally not have this option. Other possibilities are relatively safe, and then it is a new round of repeated thinking and Countermeasures.

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