FIFA 18 Tips: FIFA 18 Defensive Tactics (Part Two)

We have talked about some FIFA 18 Defensive Tactics in last article, and now FIFA-COINS.COM are share some classic examples about FIFA 18 defending in the follows:

Our corner kick was dismissed and the opponent quickly counterattackek: two players attacked one player: this time I would immediately control the full back defender to run to the opposing player’s positive direction where there is no ball, because the quick counterattack may be to attract the defense and then divide the ball out single-handedly (if it can not stop straight plug, then press the goalkeeper to attack while accelerating.

FIFA 18 Defensive Tactics

FIFA 18 Defensive Tactics

The opponent can’t divide the ball and continue to swiftly advance: The opponent must push forward with acceleration. When you retreat from defense, you immediately control the defender as soon as the opponent speeds up to lose the right to control the ball. There is a lot of chance as you are at the positive defending. Even if you can’t grab the ball, the other player without the ball is out of position and you can interfere with him to give the time to your player’s defense.

When the other party’s quick counterattack failed and the ball edged back or controlled the rhythm back: If you hit the sidewalk, try to control the ball in front of 45 degrees to stop him from cutting inwards, and then wait for a 45-degree chance to grab the ball directly! If the other party sends back control of the rhythm, then switch the front players to interrupt the ball interceptors as soon as possible! Because at this time it is very easy to become a big straight plug goal in the back and forth field, or pick the pass directly to play the gap!

The final completion of the battle: First ensure that the midfield players are in the correct position, and then according to the actual situation, think about what will they do that you are most afraid of, put the player in that position to resolve the danger!

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