FIFA 18 Tips: FIFA 18 Defense Recommendation

Many players said that this series of the AI is not easy to defense, then how to defense in FIFA 18? Here bring the FIFA 18 defense recommend for you, come and learn it.

I found that the default aromatic defense mode not only assists you with the passing and shooting, but also take the position automatic when defending. You just need to stand in a good position, it’s easy to get the ball when you step up and get at least 3 goals. But, when you switching to manual mode, you can’t defense the AI anymore. You just looking at the AI and they will passing, shooting, do everything they want, even thought I have already kept my formation well, the AI can still easily pass through the midfield, then go freely in the area.

fifa 18 gameplay

fifa 18 gameplay

Even using a strong team to beat the weak team, it is also very difficult and lose. After many trials, finally, I found out where the problem lies. The original manual mode of FIFA 18 need to jockey for the position manual, you need to use LT /L2 when you defense.

The breakthroughs is very threatening in this series, the speed of the players is no longer limited, so they can go through the penalty zone free. But when I found that I need to use LT/L2 to jockey the position, this kind of attack is in control.

In a word, if you don’t fit your defense with LT/L2, there is no way to defend.

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