FIFA 18: The Reason Why Messi Won Real Madrid

El Clásico has just ended, Barcenola 3-0 won over Real Madrid and this game is still the focus of discussion between the media and fans. Someone made a detailed study of the performance of Messi, and concluded that Messi on the pitch walked for 80% of the time. Messi in the El Clásico is the most crucial player, he scored a penalty, and in the final moments he can break Marcelo’s defense, to complete the assists. In the game he created a total of 9 scoring opportunities, which is the league record in this season.

The newspaper Marca reprinted “The newspaper of Catalonia” and pointed out that 83.1% of the time of Messi in the pitch iswalking, 10.8% of the time jogging, 4.95% of the time running fast, only 1.15% of the time sprinting.

This is why Messi can make a beautiful breakthrough in the final moments, and assist teammates to score. In addition, this method of play has also guaranteed Messi’s physical reserve, in this season, he is the only player that has played full minutes in the league in Barcenola in addition to the goalkeeper.

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