FIFA 18: Suarez Scored the Decisive Goal in Barcelona against Real Madrid

Under the situation that failed to score for two times in Bernabeu Stadium, this time in the national derby, Suarez finally scored the goal. La Liga last season fought against Real Madrid at guest pitch, and in the La Liga Super Cup this season fought against Real Mardrid at guest pitch, Uruguay striker Suarez got nothing, this time he played a decisive role to help Barcelona get into the first goal in the game.

In fact in the last few games, Suarez has already announced in his own excellent performance, his goal scored in the early season suffered a shortage has ended. From La Liga 1st round to 12th round, he only scored 3 goals, but most recently, he has completely awakened his goal instinct. The last six games in La Liga, he has scored seven goals, including scored twice in Leganés, scored 1 goal in the Celtic, scored 1 goal in Villarreal CF also, scored two goals in Deportivo de La Coruña, scored 1 goal when against Real Madrid. In the recent league matches, he only scored no goals against Valencia.

In the game against Real Madrid, Suarez proved once again his excellent condition, and now he has reached 10 goals in La Liga, has been ranked second in the La Liga scorer, scoring only less than Lionel Messi. It is worth mentioning that the match against Real Madrid is Suarez’s 111th games in La Liga, he also broke the record of personal appearance. Before that, no matter he was in Ajax or Liverpool, the league appearances were just 110 games, but now, Suarez outperformed his personal record. In the goals and assists, he got the best data in Barcelona. In Ajax, he scored 81 goals in 110 games, assists 32 times; in Liverpool, he scored 69 goals in 110 games, assists 34 times; in Barcelona, he scored 94 goals in 111 games, assists 43 times .

So happy for the achievement that Suarez made, and hope he will be awarded the black IF card in FIFA 18 TOTW 15 again. Just wait to see it in

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