We have talk about the Mauro Icardi last article. The World Cup has started and the world has turned its focus to Russia in anticipation of a breath taking tournament.  In the virtual world, the World Cup mode also turned heads with the release of the guaranteed ICON SBC a week ago.  It is impossible not to try your luck at least once and I decided to dive headfirst into the madness. Argentina Flag, CAM, Maradona!  First pack.  I was hooked. Number two, Brazilian Flag, ST, R9! This is incredible.  Third pack, French Flag, CB, Blanc! My team had exponentially improved and I had to take one more chance.  Maradona, Maradona again, and finally Nakata and I was out of cards.

Maradona, R9, and Blanc all slotted in perfectly to my team and offered an even better link for Messi.  I rolled through the World Cup once to get a feel for each of them and with my group stage pack I pulled Dybala.  At this point in FIFA my luck is at an all-time high, to the point that Dybala doesn’t even get a starting spot in my squad, but I soon realized the level of impact he could have coming off of the bench.  These four game changers created devastation for my opponents at an apocalyptic level producing my nickname for this review: The Four Horsemen.


The Four Horsemen mark the end of days and in this case my opponents felt their wrath. The Four Horsemen are often described as Conquest (R9), War (Maradona), Famine (Blanc), and Death (Dybala) and I road these four juggernauts to back to back World Cups, here is what I can tell you.

Conquest – R9


Conquest involves the takeover of other nations, and in this case I couldn’t pick a better word to describe what R9 does to your opponent’s backline.  He is quick, agile, strong, and has FIVE STAR SKILLS mixed with a FIVE STAR WEAK FOOT.  The amount of goals that you can score from ridiculous angles feels like you have a game genie equipped (if you were not alive in the 90’s you missed out).  While I couldn’t include every goal in my video, I tried to demonstrate the audacity of the shot selection I developed with this card.  One step away from the defender is open season and after the first goal you begin to notice over commitment in defenders trying to avoid further torment.  Of course this only opens up the opposite side, which is just as clinical.  Conquest over your opposition is eased with this man at the head of your army.

War – Maradona

RATING: 4.8/5

Every war needs a general, and my squad followed Maradona into every battle knowing that he would lead the way. While R9 absolutely rips my opponents apart in battle, it is Maradona who points him in the right direction and sets him loose. I am still attached to the 4-5-1 FORMATION in the World Cup mode especially, and I was nervous to play Maradona in the CAM position. Two goals and an assist in my first match immediately put my mind at ease. While he is obviously not going to be winning headers and bullying your opponents, I was surprised at how often his pace was enough to dispossess my opponents and turn defending into attack with a brilliant turn and incredible pace. While Maradona’s 3 STAR WEAK FOOT is not the best (and the reason for his 4.8 rating) I did manage to score a few goals with his right foot due to defenders overplaying his left. The Little General is a mastermind on the pitch and I have been successful in the majority of my battles since he took charge.

Famine – Blanc

RATING 4.7/5

My video does not include a single clip of Blanc in it as I felt it is only so entertaining watching Blanc win header after header, completely demoralize attackers, intercept passes, and fly into blocking shots.  Famine in this case represents the lack of goals my opponents have scored since Blanc has joined my squad.  I am by no means a good defender and I actually acquired Prime Blanc in regular FUT with mixed success.  However, given the slightly slower game play and the lack of super powered STs (R9 and Ronaldo excluded), I find Blanc to be a constant presence in every game and he can be completely devastating too my opponents attacks.  He seems to be everywhere and always gets a foot in at the right time.  The one area of minor concern is a lack of agility that could be exposed by the right player with the right card to use.  However, I have obviously really enjoyed Blanc thus far and the solidity that he has brought to my squad.

Death – Dybala


As previously stated Dybala came into my squad after I had already started my reviews of the three juggernauts listed above.  9 games is not nearly enough to provide a full rating on a card but I couldn’t leave him out.  He is Death in my Four Horsemen review because his addition to my squad as a substitute has meant the termination of the opponents he comes up against.  With minimal minutes I can already tell that Dybala is a game changer in the World Cup mode and it is my plan to work him into my squad in some way.

Cheers for reading.


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