FIFA 18 Premier League POTM – ZAHA

Zaha has won the Premier League Player of the Month for his performance in April, and FIFA18 has also launched the corresponding player card. What is the stats for this card? Here’s to bring everyone the FIFA18 Premier League player of the month on the list of Zaha!


In April’s best player of the Premier League, Zaha successfully defeated Pogba, Obermeyer, Sterling and other strong enemies with 4 goals and 1 assists. You know, Zaha only scored 8 goals and 3 assists in the league. And FIFA 18 immediately customized Zaha’s Premier League PTOM card.
This card is always rated at 88, although in the highly competitive Premier League, this data is not high. However, if you take a closer look, you will find that this Zhaha is extremely cost-effective, with a double-speed 94+, shooting, running, shooting and shooting power is more than 91. If it wasn’t for long shots and penalty kicks, Zaha’s ability was definitely higher than 88. In addition, Zaha’s agility is also very high, reaching 96, is definitely a super-speed center.
Unfortunately, Zha’s motherland, Côte d’Ivoire, did not gain the opportunity to enter the World Cup. It is definitely the biggest regret for Zaha when it is playing in the same year but it cannot represent the national team for the World Cup. However, the Crystal Palace, which can lead the league in a seven-game losing streak, even relegated to the middle of the league, and it was worthy of the praise given by the fans.
Believe that next season, Zaha will lead the team to achieve a better ranking in the Premier League.

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