FIFA 18 Premier League Player of the Year: Mohamed Salah

Last article we have talked about FIFA 18 Bayern Munich DM Review: Vidal & Tolisso, today we will talk FIFA 18 Premier League Player of the Year: Mohamed Salah.

The PFA announced the Premier League Player of the Year, Sarah, who has scored 31 goals in the league, defeated Harry Kane and Debrauner, who also performed well this season! In FIFA18 also launched the corresponding player card, the rating up to 98 points. I believe many players do not understand this card, let’s take a look!


Despite good performances in two seasons in Rome, but before the start of the season, I believe there are still few people who think that this Egyptian player will perform such amazing performance in his first season back to the Premier League. The sharp knife with the name “Egypt Messi” when he made the debut had finally made a Messi’s rating. In this season’s various events, Salah played 46 times, scored 41 goals, plus 11 assists, iLiverpool’s best player in recent years. With 3 rounds left in the league and two Champions League matches to be played, Salah is likely to continue to refresh his data.

Salah’s super-god-like performance not only surprised many people in the real world, even football games could not be predicted. In the popular soccer game “FIFA 18″, Salah’s initial combined ability is only 83. Such a data is very unremarkable in the Premier League where big players are gathering. However, a season has not yet ended, Salah has skyrocketed by 10 points. After winning the best player in March, Salah’s overall ability has reached 93, and the speed has reached 99.

But this is far from over. After winning the PFA Player of the Year, FIFA 18 once again created the latest player card for Salah. This PFA player, Salah, has an initial capacity of 98. You know, in FIFA 18, Pele’s ability is only 98. In other words, after experiencing a fantastic Super God season, Salah has at least been able to sing legendary in the game.

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