FIFA 18: Playing Tutorial

《FIFA18》demo, you’d better concentrate on it, because I’ll try my best!

《FIFA 18》is the latest work of a series of football games developed by EA Sports. As an annual football masterpiece,”FIFA 18″ succession before the basic technology and core content, join more clubs and players, better optimization in details, and there will be more innovative elements, to ensure the freshness of the game.

《FIFA》 series is the biggest advantage of deep-pocketed patron EA bought almost have all the team’s copyright, And it turned out to be very smart, as football fans to operate his favorite team in the field, is absolutely top dream to enjoy. And the 《FIFA 》series because of copyright   makes the game more real, and more attractive to players.

《FIFA18 》use the Frostbite engine from EA, under the powerful light effects of the Frostbite engine,the entire stadium, stands the audience’s lighting and shading effect is close to real ones, of course, the Frostbite engine for support for the character model is not perfect. Although the 《FIFA18》has improved, but it’s a pity that there are still many players face still look like “fake faces.”

Not very much like Ronaldo’s Cristiano Ronaldo and the perfect shadow of the Bernabeu in the back, fully showing the advantages and disadvantages of the frost engine.

Although face modeling still needs to be improved, but 《FIFA18》 uses motion capture, the action of Cristiano Ronaldo is quite restored.

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