FIFA 18 Player Review: Zanetti

We have talked about FIFA 18 Player Review: SALAH  last article . today we will talk about another FIFA 18 Player Review: Zanetti.

Zanetti played for Inter Milan from the age of 22 and retired at the age of 41, a full 19 years of time engraved in the history of the Inter. When Inter Milan lost to AC Milan 0-6 in 2001, only Zanetti challenged the media and fans in the back of the game. Now that he is back, he has returned to the greenfield of FIFA18. This time he will still be the most reliable captain. This high score with Zanetti reached 92. Let’s take a look.


From 1995 to 2005, in 10 years, Zanetti experienced the coming superstars and marshals, but Inter Milan is still far away from the league championship. After retiring from Bergomi, Zanetti became the captain. For 16 years, Zanetti played this role well.

Zanetti is a record holder in the Argentine national team and also the most frequent player in Argentina’s participation in the America’s Cup. He has reached an astonishing 22 times. During his long career as a player, he represented more than 145 games on behalf of the Argentine National Team, participated in two World Cups in 1998 and 2002, and the Americas Cup in 1995, 1999, 2004, 2007 and 2011.


In the FIFA 18, Zanetti continued to run in the green field. As a full-back, the sprint speed of 87 has accelerated to 85. It has been very difficult. He also has a good short-passing attribute on the pass, reaching 94. The winger was even more of a good game for the Sacramento team and the pass rating was 95. In the most critical defense aspect, Zanetti reached an unassailable 90, and the interception reached 93. The only weaker is the bounce, only 50, which occasionally becomes a fatal flaw in the corner defense, but the endurance of 92 can make Zanetti completely support the right side of the team.

About the price, Zanetti can be said to be very convinced. The most expensive PC version is only 425.45K. The Xbox is only 362.85K, and the PS4 is 365.5K.

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