FIFA 18 Player Review – Yaya Touré

As the absolute core of Manchester City’s former midfield, Yaya Touré will soon leave the team after the end of the season. What kind of stats he has in FIFA 18? What about performance? The following will bring you FIFA18 Yaya Touré player stats analysis, interested friends do not miss.

FIFA 18 Player Review

Yaya Touré has a height of 189 and is very strong, but with such a figure, Toure is flexible, and has excellent technical skills, strong scoring ability and defensive ability. He is the perfect B2B player in the midfield. In the UT mode of FIFA 18, Yaya Toure’s Gold Crad has a total rating of 83 points, which is not bad.

The 82-point shooting attributes and passing attributes are good, of which the 82-point finishing ability and the 86-point shooting power are all high, and the 89 penalty is even more outstanding. In the passing attribute, 85 points of vision, 81, 84 points of passing technology are still top level, or can reflect his good offensive ability. However, the physical and defensive attributes of this player have declined. 73 points of endurance and 63 points of bounce make his B2B property no longer stunning. The 60-point stealling in the defensive attributes is a significant step backwards. There is no longer any control over midfield in the game.

With the passage of time, the brand-new Manchester City, which represents Guardiola’s skill style, has gradually begun to reflect the power of terror. Debrauner, Dinggan, and other technical players have become the backbone of the team, But it may be that there will never be a second Yaya Toure in football. We also hope that the future career of this player will get better and better, and pay tribute to the meritorious player of Manchester City which brings good memories to countless fans and football gamers.

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